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Fear and Violence

C-SPAN 2 Were-Phenomenon

Rep Jason Wilcox- R-Nebraska

“Good morning. I am speaking before this committee to address the concern of American citizens, in regards to the “Were-Phenomenon”. Recently, the existence of humans who can transform themselves into animals at will have come to the attention of not only the American public, but of the world. While this ability is remarkable, it is also dangerous. An individual with the ability to transform into a wild animal has the potential for great harm. Already there have been incidents across the country of individuals with less-than-honorable intentions, using this ability to harm their fellow citizens. What has been done to protect the people? Nothing.

“This committee was formed to address the growing population of Weres in the United States and to create new policies to protect the rights and safety of each and every citizen of these United States. With the revelation of this ability, we must reexamine what we already know and strive to learn more. It is still unclear to what extent this ability is prevalent in the world. Knowledge is understanding. But in our quest for understanding, we cannot forget those who are not blessed with the were-ability. It is our duty to protect those people as well.

“Committee members, in order for law enforcement to successfully protect the public, both human and were alike, they must have knowledge. To gain that knowledge, they need the help of the people. And so, I propose that a team of experts be assembled and a formal study conducted. I also propose that Weres be issued a form of identification and communities be made aware of the presence of Were families in their communities. We require citizens to carry permits for a firearm. This ability has the potential to be just as dangerous in the wrong hands. These measures that I am proposing will help to ensure, not only the protection of those without the were-ability, but also those with.”


Fox 13 Investigates: Violence against Weres in school


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About: Investigative report by Yolanda Ruiz for Fox 13 News about a string of violence against Weres in Florida schools.

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FayeThompson: This is sick. Five on one? People are so ignorant. (31 likes, 5 dislikes)

spinkid89 in reply to FayeThompson: Kid could’ve transformed into a rhinoceros. THEN would it be fair??? (8 likes)

gatorfan1109: And people wonder why Weres don’t want other people to know. Say NO to Tagging. (17 likes, 9 dislikes)

wwallace05: Prime example of how journalism can twist stories. They make it sound like it was completely senseless. (12 likes, 23 dislikes)

Right now, on Fox 5 News at six.

“Republican Presidential hopefuls hit the campaign trail, good evening, I’m Paul Tinsley. We’ll have that story in a moment but first a developing story.

“Tonight Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a high school girl near Dunbar High School. Sixteen year-old Jaime Pedersen was gunned down on her walk home from soccer practice on the 1600 block of 3rd street northwest. Now the details are still forthcoming, but Police have confirmed that Pedersen was a known were-cat and this may have contributed to her being targeted. Were sentiments have been mixed since May earlier this year when Brian Harris of the wildly popular and controversial YouTube video, “Brian’s Special Talent”, announced his status as a were-hawk and brought the Were population to the international stage. The Police do not yet have a suspect in custody, but Police Chief Ivan Dietrich assures the public they are doing all they can to bring Pedersen’s killer to justice.”

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