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“Police are still looking for sixteen year-old Jaime Pendersen’s killer. Pendersen was the victim of a violent hate-crime against Weres, last Tuesday. All efforts by Police so far have proven fruitless and with Pendersen’s killer still at large, the community is becoming frustrated.”

“It’s horrible. Killing a young teenage girl on her way home from school? What’s to say it won’t be my son next? That the Police don’t even have a suspect yet is a complete failure of law enforcement.”

“In the meantime, students of Dunbar High School will be holding a memorial service for Jaime Pendersen at the scene of her murder. Jaime’s brother Tyler is expected to speak as well as leading Were-Rights activist Ria Santos and Were icon, Brian Harris. There is expected to be a significant turn-out."

CNN Developing Story

Public Outrage over Pendersen Murder

Were-Rights protestors march on the Capitol, demanding justice for Jaime Pendersen’s murderer.

Live and in HD, this is ABC 7 News at five, on your side.

“And thank you for joining us this evening, I’m Tara McCrary. The public outcry continues as protestors flock to the streets, demanding justice for sixteen year-old were-cat, Jaime Pendersen, who was killed one month ago. Police have yet to take a suspect into custody. Robb Burke is at the scene now. Robb, what can you tell us about the scene on Capitol Hill?”

Were people too! Were people too! Were people too!

“The scene here on Capitol Hill has only been growing since this morning and tensions seem to be rising at the continued lack of response from Congress. The crowd seems to be a mix of Weres and non-Weres and while there have been no acts of violence thus far, Police are a visible presence.”

Were people too! Were people too! Were people too!”

“What have been their demands so far?”

“There have been cries for justice and chants like the one you can no doubt here behind me. So far there have been no attempts made to sit down with party leaders and discuss the issue.”

“Alright, thank you Robb. You’ll of course keep us up-to-date on that.”

“Indeed I will, thank you, Tara.”

“Were people too! Were people too! Were people too!”

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