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Lead APA scientists release a report on Were psychology.

“A Were has to constantly battle with their animal’s instincts, even when in human form.”

And here’s your host, Ella Mendoza.

“Hello, everyone. Our guest today is a leading psychologist of the American Psychological Association. He has published a number of books including the one that were here to talk about. Please welcome to the show the author of “Were-Psychology: The Melding of Man and Animal”, Dr. Tim Roark.”

“Thanks for having me, Ella.”

“Well you’re most welcome. Now, you wrote this book about the psychology of Weres and it came out shortly after a joint report by the American Psychological Association. But you weren’t part of that report. How come?”

“I wasn’t asked to be part of the team. As you know, I am a Were myself, I’m a were-fox. Dr. Parnell, who lead the team, thought it would be difficult for me to remain objective, particularly when it comes to an issue I was directly involved with. It’s understandable.”

“Okay, so how does your book differ from the report they wrote?”

“The report by the APA was based on a series of studies over six months, conducted by Dr. Parnell and his team. Their focus was directed by public concerns at the time so it mainly looks at how the instincts that Weres feel when they are in animal form directly affect them in human form.

“My book, on the other hand, looks at Were-psychology as a whole. Since I am a Were myself, I have had the opportunity to work with other Weres long before the “Were-phenomenon” was known to the public. My research spans back almost fifteen years and involves a large variety of cases.”

“So you’ve been compiling all this research for years? Did you ever think you would publish it?”

“At the time that I was collecting the research, no. But I was nevertheless curious. It was more of a personal project at the time. But when the existence of Weres became known, I thought it would be a great opportunity to provide some answers.”

“Okay, so what does it say? Can you give us some little details?”

“Sure. What I have found in my research is that this duality, the idea of the human and animal as two separate parts, doesn’t exist in the Were-psyche. I try to explain it in simple terms in my book. As a were-fox, I don’t have two identities. When I transform into a fox, I’m still Tim, I don’t suddenly have the psyche of a fox. I still think about picking my kids up from school and going to the dry-cleaners to get my wife’s clothing. I don’t run purely on instinct. I can still feel the instincts, but I can choose to ignore them. It’s just like if I was hungry in my human form. I could choose to go eat something, or I could choose to remain hungry.”

“That’s quite different from the APA report.”

“Yes, it’s very different. The APA report suggests that Weres feel animal instincts in all forms and that’s true. But Weres aren’t beholden to those instincts. They can choose what they act upon. That ability is what separates even non-Weres from animals. You could say that Weres just have more instincts, an added set of instincts.”

“That’s quite fascinating. Dr. Tim Roark everyone, author of “Were-Psychology: The Melding of Man and Animal”. You can buy it in local bookstores Friday.”

I’m Emma Madsen for E! News Now.

“Who could’ve seen this coming? Hollywood Heartthrob and star of Warner Brothers’ new The Flash film, Eoin Whelan, announced at a press conference yesterday that not only does he fully support the Were-Rights movement, but that he is a Were himself. Whelan identified himself as a were-wolf and treated cameras to a demonstration before a brief question and answer session. So prepare yourselves, ladies, ‘cause this Irishman loves to howl.”

“My name is Jonathan and I’m a were-falcon.”

“My name’s Aiden and I’m a were-trout.”

“My name is Isaiah and I am a were-bear.”

“Me llamo Luis y soy un were-delfín.”

“My name is Victoria and I’m a were-lynx.”

What is it like living as a known Were?

“Everything changed. My friends and co-workers stared at me, like they were waiting for me to become a 600-pound grizzly at any moment.”

“I love to swim. That’s why I joined the swim team. But after everyone found out, they thought I was just trying to cheat.”

“When they found out I was a Were, they would put dead squirrels in my locker as a joke to see if I would eat them.”

“It was hard coming to this country. Being a Were as well, es casi imposible.”

What do you want people to know about you?

“I’m the same as them. I like the same music, I want the same things. I’m just like every other high school girl.”

“I just want people to realize that I’m no different than I was.”

“I want people to see that I’m not an animal. I’m a person too.”

Were Just Like You

Coming to select theaters June 16th.

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