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Defining the Future

This is CNN Tonight, live from New York. Here now, Michael Brown.

“With Election Day just 13 days off, the third and final presidential debate last night focused on domestic policy. I think it’s safe to say that we saw very strong, impassioned rebuttals from both President Rodriguez and Senator John Rutledge. The big topic this year is, of course, the “Were-phenomenon” and new policies in regards to Weres. Here’s a clip from last night from President Rodriguez.”

“I’m glad you brought this up because it certainly is an issue that is current and has the potential to affect a large portion of United States citizens. I have stated my position before. I believe that Weres, as citizens of the United States, are the same as any other person. They have the same rights to freedom, to privacy, to understanding that everyone else does. I have no intention of changing that either.”

“Senator Rutledge had a slightly different approach.”

“I believe that Weres need to be protected. But we can’t protect them if we don’t know about them. I’d like to encourage Weres to register, not because I have any intention of infringing on their civil liberties. America is founded on the principle that all men are created equal. Registering will help Law enforcement better protect Weres, will help States better provide for them.”

“Two very different opinions in an otherwise close race. This week’s Gallup poll, after the debate last night has President Rodriguez up at 48% but Senator Rutledge is very close with 46%. Come Election Day, it could go either way.”

Your life, your world, your now. This is 69 News, Live at ten.

“Today’s the day. Millions of Americans all across the country flooded voting stations in what could potentially be one of the largest elections in history.”

“If you came out you probably waited in a line much like this one here in Lehigh County. State officials said that an estimated 8.5 million voters registered in Pennsylvania and about 7 million of those voters cast their ballot.”

“And we had some of the WFMZ 69 News team out in the field earlier today. Heather Lowes was at the station in Upper Saucon Township. Let’s take a look.”

“I’m here at the voting station at Upper Saucon Volunteer Fire Department where the line has stretched out the door and down the street since the polls opened at 7 this morning. This is just one of four different polling stations for Upper Saucon Township alone. One of the big deciding issues this year is of course the “Were-phenomenon”. I asked some voters what their thoughts were on the issue.”

“As a black woman, I can understand where they’re coming from. The Weres are just people and they have the same rights as anyone else.”

“The problem is we’ve never dealt with something like this before. There is a lot of potential for issues. If we don’t keep a firm hand on it, things could get out of our control really quick.”

“Regulation is the key. The more we know about Weres, the better we can anticipate problems. You have to get a permit to own a gun, why? So that they know you have it. Same thing here. Weres can be much more destructive.”

“My best friend is a were-jaguar. But she’s not going to start tearing people to pieces in the hallway. She’s no different than she was a year ago, or when we were in middle school or elementary school. She just wants people to treat her like anyone else.”

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