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The Halo

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The story about a teenage football star who has gained cosmic powers from a dark twist of fate. This self absorbed jock must overcome his recent lose to become the beacon of hope for a new world. Lucas Maxin, a promising yet shallow Varsity Running back from New Orleans had the world in the palm of his hands. That is until the world turns his life inside out and dismantles his hometown threw a chemical induced hurricane created by an terrorist organization , Protocol Saturn. In the attempt to escape the hurricane, the phenomenon alters his DNA and places him in suspended animation.. Two years after, Lucas wakes up in Atlanta, Georgia where he is reunited with his estranged mother, stepfather, and half sister, Mya . Along the way, Lucas discovers that the hurricane had changed him. Granting him with the ability to create pocket dimensions that look like angel halos, super strength, and durability . The former football star soon realizes that the home he had once known is gone and that the organization responsible seeks to create a similar tragedy in Atlanta. By releasing a number of criminals who were granted abilities from the hurricane to attack the city. Lucas embarks on a personal journey to forgive and reconnect with her while also controlling his new powers to defeat Protocol Saturn . Thus, the dynamic dimensioner is born!

Scifi / Action
Boss Kelly
Age Rating:

The Beginning

" I want to kill you!”

Lucas Maxin, a twenty one year old. Born in New Orleans Louisiana. Now relocated to Atlanta Georgia. Lucas has just woken up from a three-year coma after losing his City to a chemical induced hurricane.

The hurricane sparked off an outspread of a rare isotope that infected multiple citizens in Orleans. Many victims such as Lucas were granted abilities beyond those of average men.

We then see the current location on what Piers to be a Giant floating in yellow ring doing something made of green and purple gas.

The assailants that Lucas is chasing a metahuman who can in his body any form of poison or gas mixture imaginable. Even shoots Hoots massive amounts of poisonous George Lucas only for Lucas to hover over each blast. As he does this projectiles hits the destroyed buildings remaining. Each one melts the depreys on impact

Get back here exclamation mark Lucas says. He then someone’s more heels and throws them Act the mysterious is adversary. Each one and manages to scar the same until over man and falls to the ground and refers back to his human form.

We then see the assailant reverting Back To Human forms in cased in a yellow and purple with his armor. It’s Max covering his face blocking out his identity. Our young hero then catches up to him standing towering over his phone.

Even reaches for the max man’s helmets whipping it’s from his suits.

With the max man’s identity hidden from us, Lucas then stairs the max man’s face. Ready to enact atomos sinful act.

I will never forgive you. Lucas says even summon a yellow Flats Halo . He prepares his body ready to throw the hills straight through the assailants.

He stands over his unrevealed adversary in the middle of a collapsed building. His right hand pressed up to the air holding a yellow hovering halo.

After battling an dangerous enemy, the young hero grits his teeth with an angry expression in his eyes. His temper clouded his better judgement while he pulled back his arm , preparing to in act his personal vendetta.

" Lucas !” A voice screamed out in the background.

He turns his head .

He states at the person shouting his name with a shocked expression on his face.

" But your dead !” Lucas said.
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