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Not Me

Everyone on Earth has an opposite, and if they should meet, they are compelled to fight to the death.


I’ve always felt it. A little tug to the east - a magnet pulling me towards it. That’s how the scientists say it works - like a magnet. You are one pole, your opposite is the other. And opposites attract. More often than not, the tug is so weak for people that it can’t be felt - their opposites are on the other side of the globe. But for me, it is constantly on my mind, making me focus to keep my feet moving where I want them to go. A disability, more than anything.

I could get away from it, I suppose. But I have a family here - a life that if not for the tug, would be pure happiness. So I stay here, and I hope against hope that the tug will never grow stronger than it is. But yet, I’ve always known that I must one day meet my opposite. There will surely come a day when the tug will grow too strong for me to restrain; there will be a day when I get too close to my opposite to avoid it anymore. And I am almost thankful for that, for it puts a perspective on life - I truly live every day like it might be my last.

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