A Dark Night

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"He glanced up at the sky. A look of worry emerged on his face but he still continued walking along the road, quickening his pace." This is a short story about what happens on a dark, eerie night. A man is walking along the road until...

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was a dark, gloomy night. It was almost as if the entire Earth was masked with darkness. All was quiet except for the distant echo of crickets chirping and the footsteps of a lonely man wandering around in the darkness with nowhere to go. Still, he seemed quite untroubled as he was whistling a happy tune while walking. He stopped as the street lamp flickered. Then turning off, it left the man in complete darkness. He glanced up at the sky. A look of worry emerged on his face but he still continued walking along the road, quickening his pace this time. What he didn’t see was a large, silvery object slowly approaching him. It cast a faint light on the man as it whisked him away into the spaceship. It zoomed out of the sky, leaving an unearthly feeling back on the street where he was walking on before. The street lamp slowly turned back on...

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