The Adventures of Ishtar

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The light was painfully blinding. So much so that Ishtar’s body screamed to run away, but he could not. As fast as it came it was over. Astar stood perfectly fine, surrounded by wanton destruction. . Ishtar and his sister Astar have trained their entire lives to go to Volarium, the most prestigious school in the universe. Ishtar’s goal is to be a Savior, a protector of the universe. While Astar spends all her time researching myths and legends, seeking to find the impossible. An obsession Ishtar wishes she’d give up to focus on reality. The more they progress in their studies, the more dangerous secrets they uncover. Secrets that pit the siblings against everything they hold dear, even each other. Soon Ishtar must make a choice, give up on his sister or join her and discover the secrets of what is truly impossible.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Prologue: Revelations

A long time ago, at the dawn of creation itself, was Genesis. The defining moment of the universe, the birth of everything that was, is, or ever will be, as we know it; is merely a half-truth. Genesis was not the start of the universe, but rather its preservation. It was the event that remarkably changed reality itself. The true story behind Genesis is shrouded in more mysteries than stars in the night sky.

Many tales of valiant heroes, of battes hard fought, and apocalyptic outcomes surround this primordial event. Out of all the stories and names to have endured, two people alone stand out among all others: the being known as Michael, whose species would become the template for all life, and N-Fo, the leader of an artificial race. Their efforts, while secret, are honored as the most significant achievements and resolute actions in history.

After Genesis, Michael disappeared, never to be seen again for eons. N-Fo’s race, the artificial beings known as the SEPO, followed the seeds of life as they exploded throughout the universe. Protecting and teaching the beginnings of life until each race could stand on its own, ready to confront the great unknown.

As for N-Fo himself, he devoted his time and efforts to studying life and the secrets of the new universe. For millions of years he traversed creation, searching for the answers to a question only he knew and understood. When life finally began to flourish and multiply, N-Fo founded Volarium Academy, becoming its first and only headmaster. He sought to teach fledgling life the secrets of their existence and the craft of its manipulation.

For billions of years the school has taught innumerable individuals of all different life-forms, some much more inclined than the others. These students have ventured far and wide creating their own tales and legends, both infamous and altruistic, across the universe. The school quickly gained a following and other similar institution were set up on various worlds. Volarium is regarded as the finest, and the most exclusive. Billions of individuals train their entire lives just for the hope of admittance, and of those only two hundred will ever make the cut.

Many well-known alumni have opened up their own schools, accepting and training those who do not meet the standards of Volarium. Some even became rivals of the school, their students just as brilliant and powerful as the others.

Those who attend are destined for a life of intrigue and greatness. As simply walking in as a student ensures the forfeiture of the mundane and the recognition of the extraordinary. A small handful of students, despite never graduating and against all odds, are said to be the most outstanding individuals to have ever attended Volarium

The school has been dubbed: the institution that teaches destiny. But, known to merely a few, it is the school that taught Destiny himself. And to those special enough, how to surpass him.

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