Excerpt from The Histories of Haven

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8 Years Later

8 years later

A weak sun pushed through the haze of early morning, casting a gray shadow on the crumbled ruins of an ancient suburb. A young woman clad in black stood atop one of the taller broken buildings. Her pale blue eyes peered through black bangs that hung over one eye. Streaks of crimson tangled among the black tresses as a cool morning breeze played at them. On her shoulder, a raven perched and fluttered his wings softly. She reached down to the golden retriever standing next to her and scratched behind his ears.

“All right, Cabal?” she asked.

In response, the dog barked and snapped his metal whip of a tail about. His two hind legs, cybernetic replacements, clicked restlessly on the concrete beneath him.

“Easy, buddy,” she said.

Morrigan’s left hand moved to the garnet pendant hanging around her neck by a black leather cord. She had tattooed her left forearm with a three-leaf Celtic knot design. A small raven perched on each leaf. Morrigan stared southward toward the gigantic dome, where the mid-morning sun glared off the thick glass. The raven on her shoulder squawked, and she turned to see two figures walking toward her and stopped on either side.

Shylah wore a long, flowing green dress that rippled in the breeze along with her long, curly red hair. On the other side of Morrigan stood Cale Fletcher dressed in all black with his armored breastplate strapped on. Cale was the soldier who was largely responsible for Morrigan’s survival and escape from the Southampton Dome. Now, he was in charge of the Ieros Resistance’s British faction, second only to Morrigan herself.

“Well,” Morrigan said, looking again at the dome. “It looks like it’s time to go back home. Think they’ll be happy to see us?”

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