The Chronicles Of Space Echo

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Pillow fort

In the world of stone lives a little girl

she is just a

tiny soul in the world of steel.

A little spy is trying to find her place among the strangers. What she doesn't realize is that her future is planned already.

B: Where are you? Are you hiding somewhere?
A: (...)
B: What's gotten into you? That's just plain silly.
A: (...)
B: Eh. I miss those times when you and me had valuable conversations.
A: Mhm.
B: Okay, now I obviously heard you. Come out, that's very childish of

A: Oh. You obviously don't understand anything at all!

B: Anything?
A: Everyone needs to build a pillow fort from time to time.
B: And what for! To hide from me?

I wasn't hiding from you. I was finding myself.

I have always been best at hide and seek.

- 'Anya.'

- 'Jeremiah. Any news?'

They can never see me, because I know when and where to go.

- 'Excavation site seems to be exceeding our highest expectations but we still need more hands for the labor.'

- 'Contact Mark then, maybe he will have someone to spare us. If we are to establish good grasp over this location we will need more effort. Minerals don't grow on trees.'

- 'I wouldn't be so sure. This new world is still waiting to surprise us.'

It's been two months since I got here and I still have so many places to explore, but listening to Lady Anya and Lord Jerry is always most fun and interesting.

- 'Have you figured something out regarding the refugees and fugitives? We cannot keep them in suspense forever.'

- 'When trying to build a new, better world for everyone, one cannot rush what needs to be done,' Lady Anya replied calmly. 'Time will come, Jeremiah. I have a plan, but I need to contact few people first.'

Refugees and... fugi... well, people who run away from something - they are talking about me and others, who were taken away. Lady Anya and Lord Jerry always talk using complicated words...

I'm Ann, but they call me Blackie. I heard it is because I have dark, genuine black hair. Many people seem to have lost their natural hair color, forcing them to use dyes, so I am said to be unique. I find it very strange; for me there's nothing special about my hair.

Lady Anya took care of me after I was taken away to the other ship. She is very kind, although I think many people around here fear her in some way. She is a very powerful woman, always holding her head high, as if looking at something only she can see. Even though she looks harsh and sharp, I think she's really beautiful. I overheard some conversation when someone was talking about her age and it made me believe she's older than I thought.

I still don't know why, but some soldiers refer to her as "The Lioness". Maybe it's because of her bright, lushy hair? I need to find out about the story behind that nickname someday.

Her friend, Lord Jeremiah is always somewhere at her side. I like calling him Jerry; It has a nicer touch to it. They talk about many things and I suspect they are more than just colleagues because they never use those military words everyone else is using:

Sir. Ma'am. Officer. And other blablabla.

Or at least not towards one another.

He is a very reserved man, usually seen crossing his arms and frowning. He is also very kind to me. I don't know why they are so nice to me, but I like it.

The planet we are at seems much like Earth before it was turned into an ugly factory of weapons and other terrible things. Actually, I like it more here. The flowers, trees and plants are so wonderful; they have different colors than those on Earth - there's more blue, orange and yellow.

I haven't seen any animals yet because they don't let us go to the other side of the fence. Maybe the animals on that planet are too dangerous for us?

The name of this place consists of many letters and numbers so it's hard for me to remember it. Luckily, they also call it in a different, more pleasant way -Friedia. They seem to have named it after some scientific work called Projekt Frieden. I think it had something to do with finding this place and being able to come here, since they are very proud of it.

- 'Knowing you, I need to ask this - what about her?' Lord Jerry asked out of nowhere, interrupting my small daydreaming. 'Any ideas?'


Lady Anya smiled and turned to him.

- 'I'll set some educational courses for the smallest of our refugees, her included. I have a vast idea of what she'd be good at.'

- 'I have known you for... how long has it been already?' Lord Jerry said while sliding his hand against his right cheek.

- 'Long enough,' Lady Anya laughed. 'Where are you going with this, Jeremiah?'

- 'I knew you were sentimental but that's exceeding my wildest expectations. It's quite comforting to watch The Lioness and her little pack of cubs.'

Lady Anya turned around so he wouldn't see her face. She closed her eyes and smiled in a very subtle way.

- 'Have you contacted Mark already? Time is of the essence, Lord Jeremiah. You shouldn't waste it on some nonsense.' She asked him, trying to be very formal, but that ended up being very funny.

Lord Jerry's frown disappeared for a brief time.

- 'Well, of course, Lady Anya. I'm on my way,' he said with satisfaction smeared over his face, trying to mimic her official tone of voice. 'Nonsense is the last thing we want around here.'

There's always something interesting happening when they are around. They are cute, in some crazy way.

I find it funny that they never notice me spying on them. I wonder if they were talking about me?

After Lord Jerry left, I returned to my dormitory. It was already past bedtime but I couldn't sleep. The nights are very quiet and peaceful in here, unlike those spent aboard big, ugly ships, filled with guns and bombs. But even that wasn't enough for me to close my eyes and rest. Lying at my bad I was wondering what the future will bring. We are supposed to start our education tomorrow morning and it's slightly frightening. Everything is so complicated and surprising but I don't mind it. I just hope Big Sis is fine, wherever she is.

Even though I'd like to see her soon, something tells me it won't happen...

No, that's not right...

What I'm really thinking is that...


I will make it happen.




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