The Chronicles Of Space Echo

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No king can rule forever.
Some bonds one simply needs to sever.

Higher power and higher gain can lead a man into going insane.

C: So you want to know the story behind the events that shook the sky's firmament... No... the origins of... everything from that day onwards. But first tell me, who is to blame the king, who never asked for a crown? How much burden can a man's shoulder carry? Is it madness that devours those with great power, or is it you failing to see the point and reason?

C: I'm asking those questions out of pure curiosity. In reality, the answers you have are meaningless, for they are tainted with personal views and subjective truths. What matters is that I have been given one too little fragment of the puzzle... Yet...

I ripped it from the abyss and saw what was meant to remain unseen.

You, however, will need to wait till you unravel what lies behind every event to come .Those who lack vision might call me a villain in the future...

But can you see for yourself who you are exactly?

(What is your truth?)

B: Now, now - what will this be about?
A: Shhhshhh... Quiet yourself. I feel we are going to be the witnesses of many great things.

Where am I?
And what is this place?

These are the questions that have been running through my head for what seems to be like forever. Last thing that flashes in my mind is me standing in front of my house staring into the sunset, cherishing the soothing, yet dying sunlight. Who would have thought that so calm and cautious an individual like me would end up in such an extraordinary situation that was to emerge in the nearest future.

Seemingly, within a blink of an eye I ceased to reside in the serene outskirts of the Oxford city and departed to a place exceeding my wildest dreams. My current location seems to be indescribable by the human standards, which lead me to believe that this is no longer mankind's territory. The word "kidnapped" came into my mind, but after a short reconsideration I think "abduction" was more adequate; since I am a man with an open mind and a flexible wit, reaching such a bizarre, yet fitting conclusion was simply a matter of time.

The layout of the place I found myself in was of the upmost complexity.

Solid bright blocks, aligned together with extraordinary precision, towering above me to the point where to see the roof is deemed impossible. Blue and green colors flickering chaotically around me from what seems like an odd configuration of crystals and gems. Curved corridors leading in different directions as if creating a maze of spirals and roundabouts. I failed to notice any holes or gaps that would play the role of windows or vents, making me assume that I was underground. However peculiar this place was, to mysurprise I didn't feel uneasy or tense in any way.

- 'The one who they call Richard Borne.' a voice from within made me startle.

It was a disturbing sensation, yet there was noone nearby.

What the hell?

- 'Be not worried, son of Terra; no harm happens to you here.' Another, yet different voice followed, as if reading my doubts like from an open book.

...and it was in English... in my... language!

- 'This, the most surprising thing you can think of, Earthdweller? That the language you know ... used here? Be that not the sudden shift of location of time and space worrying you?'

The English they spoke seemed quite odd to me but I had to agree that the mere fact of hearing my native language paled compellingly in the current circumstances.

- 'Where am I? Who are you?' I asked out loud.

- 'For now, talking not needed; we hear the sound of your mind. Many questions to ask, few answers to give. Follow the path.'

I obediently did what they told me. The road in front of me and the constructs around me seemed identical as those I saw at first. Who erected them, being able to preserve such identical precision and form? They were built with tremendous efficiency; I could tell that. At the end of this spiraling corridor there was an enormous gate, made out of a material similar to glass; however, one couldn't see through it.

- 'Enter the portal, creature Borne. Waiting ... for you.'

The gate opened and a flash of light blinded me for few seconds. I cannot describe what I felt in that very moment; It was beyond my personal understanding.

- 'What...what is this place?' I asked in awe.

The room I entered was shaped like a circle, with a glowing spherical matter twitching in the middle of it. It seemed artificial, yet somehow alive. Right next to it there were two strange figures, covered in some sort of fabric, making their frame barely visible. They appeared to be slightly taller than average human and judging by the curves on their clothes they might have had different composition of body than what we are used to. The only distinguishable part of their body was the head; it was covered by a metallic helmet with no holes for eyes. Yet I still remained calm as before. Was it... this place that soothed me somehow?

- 'Archon,' the voices projected directly into my head stated in response to my question. 'A system, a tool, a device, of which power race of yours dreamed not. It grants insight, it grants view, it unravels the vision.'

I listened carefully, being unable to take my eyes off that moving enigma right in front of me.

- 'Power to guide civilizations, power to see and know


Thoughts of everyone - known to the user. Fates of nations - foreseen and projected. With but a single blink of algorithm and probability.'

The second voice followed:

- 'Who to wield such power? Who ... strong to take responsibility? To guide and steer; never to doubt or hesitate.'

- 'Why are you showing this to me?' I shouted out loud.

- 'Your world - chaos. To unite is impossible. Too many individuals, too many schemes and patterns. Future - uncertain. Potential - subject to loss. Actions to be taken to preserve and progress…'

My interlocutors lowered their heads significantly and remained silent for a brief moment.

- 'We show.'

Suddenly my mind got assaulted with multiple images and scenes; they were transferred directly into my psychic and demonstrated various moments of humanity's legacy. It was ... terrifying.

As if our every action, every small or major event was poured relentlessly into my brain. They were not exactly visions, but something completely different.

I couldn't see anything in the way we define "seeing". I felt it, in a palpable, distinguished way.

- 'Aaah... make it stop... what do you want from me? What is the purpose of this?' I said, trying to focus my thoughts in order to preserve my fading sanity.

- 'You shall take the fragment of Archon. Make it fragment of yourself. Become the manifestation of the Archon's Will, a herald of evolution.'

I couldn't understand anything. Even though the literal meaning was obvious,

I was unable to comprehend the circumstances and whether it was a dream or some wicked reality. What if it's true? What if such power is at hand and I am the one chosen for the task?

Why, out of everyone on Earth, me?

Another sensation hit me and this time it dropped me to my knees. The amount of possible outcomes, chains of events and strains invaded my mind; some of them seemed desirable, others on the other hand...

I struggled to regain my breath.

- 'A perfect candidate you are. Searched for you and others like you for years. Archon ... gifted already and many great nations have been formed across the galaxy. One unit to lead each, from the void, unknown to all.'

- 'You brought me here, showed me all of that and put a lot of effort to convince me. Was it also foreseen what my reply would be like? Did I even have any choice in the first place or did your ... Archon .... tell you what would happen?' I asked.

There was no reply.

- 'Then again, you can read my mind, can you not?'

The sound of glistening matter and the distinctive hum of glowing blocks that this particular domain consisted of, filled the silence.

- 'Approach the core, future bearer of your race's fate.'

I walked towards the middle of the chamber.

There was a flash and everything went dark.

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