Prescription for (in)Sanity

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First Touch

“He seems content, even though his son died two days ago,” Ciaran said as he leaned against the wall of the hallway.

“Did you ever think he cared for his family?” Arik replied.


They were at the elegant auditorium that was catering to the Promotion Party and had been ordered to oversee the set up. Arik and Ciaran had the main area, keeping a bored watch over the select guests.

A movement beyond Arik caused his head to jerk up and he watched as three shadows moved over the floor, disappearing from his view. He smiled slightly, mockingly.

“Hm?” Arik said as he looked over his shoulder.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz. Three nosy flies flying around.”

“Leave them alone. A fly’s life is short. They are destined to die,” Arik ordered, a tiny smile flitting over his lips.

“Death is good. But you know what’s even better than that?”

“I’m afraid to ask but what?”

Ciaran flashed him a sultry grin. “Sex.”

Arik closed his eyes and shook his head. “You’ve got a one track mind, Ciaran.”

“You’re only now figuring this out?”

The party was not his thing.

Dressed in a black suit and bored to death, Ciaran stood near Arik and surveyed those who had come to impress and scheme. The battle of money and prestige; to see who could gain the most power. Ciaran akined them to a pack of rabid dogs. He hated baby-sitting. He shot a look over at Arik but the older man wasn’t looking at him.

Noticing a two of the guests leaving with suspicious glances cast over their shoulders piqued Ciaran’s attention. Quickly he darted through the crowd and crossed the room. Stepping out into an empty hallway and began to think where the normal people would try to have a secret conversation. His steps were silent, focused on hearing even the slightest whisper. Finding it finally he moved towards the room they were in. It was connected to a smaller room and he entered it by that way. Coming through the side door, he languished in the shadows unnoticed, watching the scene before him play out.

“Don’t act like you know what’s going on,” Alexander snapped. “I’m sacrificing my flesh and blood so that father can become the ideal politician. Christian, you’re being tricked. You’re being used by forces who are against our politics.”

“It’s not like that!”

“Christian, please tell me where your friends are.”

“Brother--you’re way is wrong. Admit your crime and turn yourself into the police.”

Alexander laughed harshly. “You’re still a child. One day when you grow up, you’ll understand how I feel.”

“I’m not going to grow up to become an adult like you!”

Ciaran watched the boy leave and shook his head. Idealists annoyed him. He stepped out of the shadows, startling Alexander. “You hate that brat, don’t you?”

“Since when . . . ?” Alexander said.

Ciaran smirked and tilted his head a bit as he leaned against the wall. He didn’t even have to scan the other man to read what he wanted. Looking into his eyes was proof enough.

“Leave it to me. I’ll do as you want.”

For a moment he thought Alexander would decline the offer but he had guessed right. The simmering anger in those eyes wasn’t something he had misread. Alexander nodded once before leaving the room. Ciaran waited ten minutes before he bothered to walk over to the window. Pushing it open he sent his eyes skimming over the crowd inside the building and smirked when he caught sight of the boy. He was on a balcony not too far away, nearly alone.

‘What a bothersome little brat,’ he thought to himself as he jumped up into open air. The boy turned around too slow and found the Qolian’s fist buried in his gut. Christian collapsed against him and Ciaran slung him over his shoulder before jumping onto the balcony ledge. He paused and looked down at the girl and smirked.

“I’m going to borrow him.”

Then he was off and running with her voice echoing in his ear. Ciaran rolled his eyes. Women. I should give the kid some advice. Fuck them but don’t love them.

He took the boy to Alexander’s apartment complex by limo and deposited the boy in his older brother’s tender loving care. He watched in amusement as Alexander beat his younger brother as he screamed for answers. Ciaran had to admit, the boy had guts--which were rapidly being hit to a lovely shade of purple. He’d yet to shed a tear and break, which was making Alexander furious. Just when Ciaran was starting to become bored from the rants, a message arrived on his phone.

‘Get out or get busy.’

An amused chuckle passed his lips and he activated his holo-cloaking to become practically invisible if he remained still. Ciaran kept himself cloaked for the first few hectic seconds that it took for the three intruders to break in. With a sigh he dropped the cloak and threw himself into the fight, sliding between the assailant’s knife and Alexander.

They looked at him in confusion as the redhead stumbled back a step. With a cold smirk he looked at Alexander out of the corner of his eye. “Run,” he ordered.

The other man did as he was told and then Ciaran had to deal with the three nosy flies as they rushed him. Calmly he dodged their attacks and ignored their orders. He played with them for a few seconds more before jumping over them all and landing on the windowsill surrounded by broken glass.

“I’ve seen your faces, now I shall have your lives.”

Then he jumped backwards into open air and took the fall to the ground with a smile. He landed easily enough and turned around to face Arik.

“This game is starting to become interesting,” Ciaran told them.

Arik tilted his head back, moonlight flashing over his glasses. “Alexander will die tonight.”

Ciaran smiled. “How long does a fly live, Arik?”

“Long enough to be useful.”

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