Prescription for (in)Sanity

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Beating Heart

It whispered in his mind again, words he didn’t want to hear, questions he didn’t want to answer. He could sense it, feel the cold hands, nearly touch. But it wasn’t real, couldn’t be real, because if it was, then that meant he was dead. He liked to think he had some optimism still left inside after all these years. Optimism enough to smile, to laugh. Perhaps enough to live.

Maybe not.

‘What if you were him?’

Dark hair, thin features, wide eyes still full of life but closed in unconsciousness. He touched his fingers to the boy’s lips, feeling air gust over his skin.

“I’m not.”

‘You were. Once. Years ago.’

“That’s not who I am anymore.”

Hand trailing down, fingers pressing against the vein in his throat. The beating of his heart.

‘No. You chose silence over death.’

“Is there anything wrong with wanting to live?”

‘No. But you might have been better off dead.’

He chuckled humorlessly. “Maybe so. But I’m here now.”

A sigh. Irritation began spreading through his mind. ‘Chalk it up to stupidity then.’

Moving on, skin over fabric. The jacket was on the floor with the sweatshirt and weapon, arms bound behind his back, muscles slightly defined beneath his fingers through the shirt.

“Have faith in me,” he whispered.

‘Having faith in you is the equivalent of having faith in nothing.’

“Very funny.”

‘It wasn’t meant to be.’

It faded away, whatever it was, gone. Ciaran fingered the edge of the youth’s pants absently before he slammed his hand upwards, cracking the jaw bone at an angle. Glaw’s head snapped to the side, his eyes snapping open in pain, and he let out a soft cry.

“Nice to see you’re awake,” Ciaran said with a grin.

Glaw turned his head to face him, trying to mask the fear in his eyes. “Where am I?”

“Hell,” Ciaran replied easily enough.

Glaw’s eyes darted back and forth, taking in the room. It was bare, with no furnishing. There were dark red stains everywhere, old and worn into the walls and floor. Blood. Glaw glared at him, his lips pressing together into a stubborn line.

Ciaran tilted his head back and smirked before he slung himself across Glaw’s waist, straddling him. The younger man froze, staring up at him with wide eyes. “You can answer me or I can tear your mind apart. Choose.”

“Get. Off,” Glaw ground out.

Ciaran chuckled. “I think not,” he reached out and trailed his fingers down Glaw’s jaw. “I gave you an offer before. It still stands.”

Glaw jerked his head to the side. “Not interested,” he snapped.

“I could make you interested.”

“I’d rather be dead.”

“I can make you that, too,” Ciaran said with a chuckle. “However, I want some information from you.”

Ciaran shifted on top of Glaw and leaned over him, placing a hand on his collarbone, the other trailing down Glaw’s body. The younger man tried to jerk away from the touch but it was kind of hard with the Qolian’s weight on him.

“This way’s more fun.”

Glaw glared up at him but for all his words, all his bravado, Ciaran knew he was afraid. He grinned, hands dancing over Glaw’s chest. Fear was addicting. It was something he encountered in everyone and there was nothing he liked better to do than make people fear him. Well, he did like sex more than anything. And annoying Arik. Cigarettes were great after a kill. Okay, so there were a few things he liked more than instilling fear in people but hey, he was an easy man to please. Tie someone up so he could fuck them and he was happy.

Hence, Aiken Glaw.

“What do you want from me?” Glaw gritted out, trying his level best to ignore the sensation that Ciaran’s hands were drawing out of him with little success.

Ciaran leaned over him and brushed his lips over Glaw’s. “At the moment? You.”

The youth hissed a curse and snapped his head to the side, trying to buck Ciaran off. Ciaran laughed as he pressed his hands to Glaw’s shoulders and leaned his weight down on him. He was taller, a bit heavier, and stronger than Glaw so it was no real challenge to stop his thrashing about.

“Let me go!” Glaw shouted.

“Now why would I do that?” Ciaran mused as he shifted over Glaw and parted his legs with a knee, his thigh brushing up against the apex of Glaw’s legs. “I go through all the trouble to bring you here and you want me to let you go? Don’t be stupid.”

Glaw bit his lip, trying not to feel Ciaran’s hands on his body. “Why do you want to do this?” he whispered, fear lacing his words.

“Because it’s fun. Because I can.”

Glaw shuddered and flinched away when Ciaran’s hands brushed his cheek. Then his head was being rocked to the other side by a hard fist and he blinked away stars. Ciaran grabbed his chin and jerked Glaw’s head up, looking down into the dazed brown eyes.

“I want you to look at me,” Ciaran ordered in a calm voice that made Glaw more afraid than if the redhead had screamed at him. “Don’t ever close your eyes.”

“And if I do?” Glaw challenged in a shaky voice.

Ciaran’s smile grew mocking as he undid the top button of Glaw’s jeans. “You know what I’m going to do to you. I can see it in your eyes. You’re an open book to me. Simple to open, easier to read.”

“No . . .” Glaw whimpered as Ciaran’s hands gripped his pants and tugged down slightly. “No!”

Desperate, terrified, he tried to pull away, to get away, but there was nowhere to run. He closed his eyes for a brief second before snapping them open, moaning as he saw Dierk’s face behind his eyes. Ciaran leaned over him, sliding his thighs up his arms and hooking his legs over his shoulders. Tracing Glaw’s lips with his tongue he kissed him bruisingly hard, biting down on his bottom lip with sharp teeth. He stared down into the dark brown eyes now full of fear and smiled against his mouth.

The hallucinogenes were cheap to use, especially if you wanted to just mess with someone. If used correctly with other chemicals, anyone could force information out from their liking. But Ciaran’s choice of use was more deliberate. He enjoyed tragedies. The more dramatic, the more amusement for him. This time there was pain to be had. In more ways than one.

It wasn’t like drugs,Ciaran had never learned to be gentle but he had learned from the best. Being who and what he was, he enjoyed it to no end, loving the sound of Glaw’s screams as he thrust into him with nothing to ease the pain. And all the while they watched each other, Ciaran’s face a mask of mockery and Glaw’s a mixture of pain, fear, and despair, his eyes wide open and glimmering with tears, unable to close them.

When he was through, Ciaran pulled out and adjusted his pants before shoving Glaw away from him. The youth curled up into the fetal position on his side, pants around his knees, blood and semen draining down his thighs. Ciaran bent over him and lifted his head up, staring into unseeing brown eyes. With a gentleness that rivaled the act he had just committed, Ciaran kissed Glaw for several seconds, his lips lingering like a lover’s would.

A beat.

“You’re afraid.”

A treble.

“I told you there was no escape.”

A skip.

“Not for either of us.”

He let him go and without a backwards glance, left the room.

A beat.

The sound of a heartbeat echoing in his skin.

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