Prescription for (in)Sanity

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The darkness was eating at his soul. He smiled without his masks, revealing the pain he had harbored for so long, the pain of a little boy lost so long ago amidst a thousand mistakes; so long ago that nothing could save him anymore. Not even himself.

Ciaran finally got the rest he wanted and desperately needed again. No one was hounding him in the darkness that enveloped him. He let everything go. All the strings attached to him vanished one by one and each time his burden eased up.

But then. Then he woke up.


Taking in the environment he laid still on the bed. His hair had grown and it covered his view when he tried to look around. It was a different place than he remembered falling asleep.

‘Sleep? No. I wasn’t trying to sleep,’ his mind caught up to him and brought back an ache of a life time. It was just like back in the rehab. He had endure through it. The room was eerie quiet and it increased the need to get up and leave.

Forcing his body into movement, Ciaran idly wondered how long had he been like that. There was a set of familiar clothes on a nightstand, which he decided to put into a good use. Pulling out the IV needles, Ciaran made a face. He felt like he would throw up just from that particular feeling.

Dressing himself half heartedly, Ciaran wobbled around the room. His legs could barely carry him after such a long rest. His mind was trying to reconstruct what he was.

Where he was.


He picked up familiar items from around the room, giving them a look over and pocketing them. He’d have time to remember later on. For now he just wanted to know what time it was.

‘Wait, why does that matter?’

He stopped to look at the closed door that lead out of the room. A single piece of paper was stuck on the surface. He eyed the writing on it suspiciously, but grinned finally.

‘You owe me one. - A.’ Written in neat handwriting.

Having picked up everything he could from the rom, Ciaran pushed back the hair from his eyes. “Ah, what the fuck does it matter anyway,” he grumbled and left the room without a second glance back. He was out of that life.

No remorse.

No attachments.

Time to make a new living hell wherever he was now.

“Time for a change, love. I need to get busy.”

A familiar melody echoed in his ears as he walked through the hallway, less gracefully than he’d wish to admit. A long lost grin took place on his lips, starting to create new masks to hide behind.

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