The Illuna Paradox: Temporal Shift

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Cairnes Burning

Upon their arrival there was nothing recognisable in sight; there was however what appeared to be an endless vale of tormenting fire.

‘Insuperable’ and ‘Procules’ sprang into existence upon the outer fringes of Cairnes star system. Both vessels struggled to avoid collisions with drifting wreckage. The devastation which had been wrought was simply unimaginable.

Ships of every kind, the outer listening station and even the Eren trade hub had been reduced to mere hollow shells of their former glory.

Perhaps the most difficult radio transmissions to listen to were the endless cries of the helpless. Constant pleas for help were causing further panic; whilst people desperately searched for their loved ones throughout the remains of Cairnes star system.

Communications to the primary planet within the star system, were an impossibility.

Looking further into the centre of the star system was perhaps the hardest part for both of the crews to witness though.

Everywhere that they were to gaze upon; they would find the enemy.

This was nothing short of an invasion; and the hostile forces could certainly back that course of action with the fleet that they had here.

‘Man we are getting hammered!’ Landon yelled.

‘Hey Keira, listen! It’s the local radio chatter coming from...there see!’ Dares reported.

Landon took Dares’ report to heart as she gazed at the area of space in question; before mashing the intercom to contact ‘Insuperable’.

‘Colonel take a look at these co-ordinates, this whole area, we are picking up a resistance’ she shouted excitedly.

'They are referring to themselves as the resistance force of Cairnes. You have to hear this radio chatter! From what I have heard so far, I can only assume that they saw ‘Insuperable’ enter the star system before we had a chance to contact them first’ Landon finished, gasping as if she was out of breath.

One could only imagine what the inhabitants of Cairnes star system were thinking right now. All had seemed lost, until this moment.

Communications Log: Cairnes Emergency Network:

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Endeavour’: ‘What was that...wha...what the hell?’

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Aegis’: ’Wait that’’s ‘Procules’ but...what is that thing with her?’

Cairnes Cruiser division: ‘CDR Crimson Shadow’: ‘Whatever it is, I sure hope that it’s friendly!’

‘CDR Insuperable’: ’Attention all defence forces in Cairnes star system, this is Colonel Conrad with the ‘Procules’. We are here to help!’

Conrad could here the cheering spreading across every radio bandwidth. It was time for the ‘Insuperable’ to unleash hell.

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Endeavour’: “Seriously...Colonel...well I’ll be damned...where did you get that thing?”

‘CDR Insuperable’: ‘It’s a long story but I’ll tell you what, after this is over I will tell you over a beer! Hang in there, help is on the way. Now what is our status? Who and what do we have left within this star system?’

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Aegis’: ’Colonel Emmet Richardson here Conrad! Oh and you have yourself a deal, now in terms of what we have...we lost...over three quarters of our frigates and destroyers during the beginning of the assault. The smaller ships attempted to protect the capital ships you see...a lot of good that did us!′

‘Anyway we have a small division of the smaller ships left but we have assigned them to civilian protection duty. We must hold off the rest of the enemy fleet with what ever else we can find Conrad’

″Crimson Shadow’ is piloted by my daughter; of whom is also the cruiser division leader...or rather the leader of whatever is left of that division!′

’We have a total of eleven ships out of thirty two cruisers remaining. We only have nine battleships left now including ‘Aegis’. Those bastards hit us hard...they clearly knew what to hit first! Erm...let’s see...’Aegis’ and ‘Endeavour’ are holding their own for now, as are the others but the battleship ‘CDR Cairn’ has taken a lot of damage and can’t communicate properly....what the...’

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Aegis’: ’Cairn what are you doing! Stop sending out evacuation shuttles! They won’t stand a chance! ‘CDR Cairn’ where are you going?’

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Cairn’: ‘This is Capt...James...we...close...covering civ..[end transmission]’

Cairnes Battleship division: ‘CDR Aegis’: ‘Their comms have gone Conrad, for crying out loud look at them...lend them a hand will you...we will hold here for now, then you can form up with us when those civilians get out!’

‘CDR Insuperable’: ’I’m on it, rolling out now! ‘Procules’ you have no defensive capabilities...but you do have the best surveillance equipment here! See what you can find out will you? Tactics...anything! Keep co-ordinating with us, Conrad out.’

CDR Procules’: ‘Copy that, go get those bastards!’

‘Procules’ gingerly traversed the outer edges of the star system to find suitable cover.

The area where they had chosen to set themselves up was not too far away from the action, or to close for that matter. They had ceased acceleration in order to match their velocity with an old mining complex at the Ferox asteroid belt.

From where they were; they could easily monitor any incoming and outgoing transmissions, whether they were encrypted or not.

It would be hard to merely watch over the raging battle ahead; yet it would be up to them to update the defence forces on any tactical advances that were being made by the enemy. This was something that Dares thrived at.

The severity of the current situation that they now found themselves in would allow for no rest. There would be no happiness or joy. There would be no more ordinary lives; everyone within Cairnes star system were now fighting for their lives.

The damage stricken battleship ′Cairn’ was now dodging and weaving all over the place in an effort to deflect any incoming ordinance that was being fired at the civilians.

The constant barrage of fire was however taking its toll on the hull integrity of the vessel. There would be no telling just how long they would last. There was nobody else close enough to protect the civilians though, therefore their mission had been clear .

Procules’ had nothing to do but monitor the situation, and conduct surveys of the star system before relaying the encrypted data to the defence forces.

A sudden flash of light illuminated the heavens, forcing the crew of ’Procules′ to take special notice of ‘Cairn’s’ peril.

The lumbering vessel ‘Insuperable’ had took notice too. She was now struggling to pile on more speed in an effort to reach the doomed ship before it was too late.

‘Cairn’ this is Colonel Conrad, you have to get out of there!’ he yelled.

It appeared that the communications systems on board ‘Cairn’ were still not functioning correctly, when a reply finally came a few long moments later.

‘Conrad...families one!’ The captain of ‘Cairn’ replied through the static ravaged communication network.

‘Damn it! Everyone needs our help! Okay hold on, we are coming!’ Conrad replied.

Keira Landon could just imagine Colonel Conrad’s reaction to the sacrifice of the ‘Cairn’ crew right now, along with what Conrad would likely be saying.

‘C’mon! Those poor bastards are gonna get trashed if we don’t hurry up! How long until we are within weapons range? This beast has long range weaponry, not as accurate but it’s a start! Fire anything we soon as we can!’

Landon was not far off with her assessment either; Conrad had indeed order ‘Insuperable’ to fire when the ships was ready.

If they were able to assist ‘Cairn’ and the other fleeing vessels in any way, they had to do so.

The weapons systems onboard ‘Cairn’ were now being sequentially destroyed. Each weapon struggled to lock on to, and fire upon any of the swiftly encroaching enemy combatants.

Landon decided to send one more short morale inspiring message to the crew of ‘Cairn’.

For all intensive purposes; ‘Cairn’ was now an unarmed ship, and she could use any help that she could get. This was all that they could do at that moment, besides analysing for any useful data of course.

Cairn’, Your crew are doing a great job! Hang in there a little while longer, help is coming! This help that I speak of will arrive in position...about now actually!’ she reassured.

’Good thing Landon...lost a lot...crew...weapons [static] gone...shields...armour...barely propulsion...sitting ducks!’ The Captain of ‘Cairn’ replied morosely.

The crew of ‘Procules’ were watching ‘Insuperable’ in silent hope that she would reach the crippled battleship in time to save her and her remaining crew.

At last the moment which they had been hoping for was finally here.

The enemy before them almost trembled in terror as ‘Insuperable’ belatedly joined the fight.

‘Insuperable’ activated her ‘free-target mode’.

This was an experimental system at best; another one that is, from which the scientists had previously discovered during their later explorations of the warship.

The sudden build up of energy was so intense that the crew of ‘Procules’ could even feel it behind their shields and armour.

It was an unnatural sight to behold; yet the beautiful illuminating green and white colours of the weapons fire had swiftly littered the star-spangled sky as they desperately sought their pre-planned destinations.

Many of the hostile vessels were making futile attempts to dodge the incoming fire from ‘Insuperable’ but eventually came apart in the process.

The ships that were attacking ‘Cairn’ were predominantly of lighter classes. This was no doubt deemed wise by the enemy; considering that the crippled ship could not move and the lighter and far more manoeuvrable hostile ships could dance around her all day long.

‘Keira you won’t believe it! Sophia is calling me right now! After days of trying...I am going to take this okay? Kenny will keep an eye out on the engineering compartment for me won’t you’ Hicks smiled in reply.

He could not begrudge the man a phone call to the love of his life. Who would he be to deny him that blessing after everything that they had been through.

‘I got this bud; you go talk to your girl! You get that Keira? I will watch things here for a while!’ Haynes promised.

‘Not a problem Kenny I appreciate it! You deserve this Mickey, I know that it has been eating you up inside, her too most likely so give her our best will you!’ Landon added.

‘I will do! Thanks’ Hicks replied before sprinting off to his quarters.

He was desperate to answer the call; yet he did not want to take any chances considering the temporality of the communications network. He answered the incoming call without hesitation whilst he was still running.

It did not take all that long for Sophia to begin rounding up on him with a battery of questions. She began to wipe away flurrying tears, as she trembled with a tremendous display of raw emotion.

'Mickey! Where [static] have you been! I was worried sick! Where are you? Who is there? Are you near to Cairnes, I hear that there was some kind of attack? It’s parents are still there Mickey!’ she cried.

‘Hey it’s okay, I’m okay, we are having communications problems here, have been for days now. I’m in my quarters but Keira...Keira is in command’ Hicks barely managed to get out without thinking about his friend who was still lying in the infirmary.

‘Keira...where’s Benjamin?’ Sophia asked.

‘He got hurt Sophia...bad...he’s in the infirmary still. Now listen, I know that you are going to freak out when you learn of where we are...’ Hicks began to say.

‘I know you too guys are in Cairnes aren’t you? Just tell me!’ Sophia interrupted crying hysterically.

‘Your right Soph, we heard the distress call, then we accompanied the military back here to see what we could do to help. We are far from the main fight...forwarding any data that we can pick up from the enemy, which could potentially be of some help to our forces. I promise that we will be...’ Hicks began to say again before being cut off.

‘Don’t say that you’ll be fine Mickey! I keep hearing reports over the radio that a huge fleet of unknown ships are laying siege to Cairnes. You can’t promise me anything...I know that!’ Sophie burst out.

'Alright I’m sorry Soph, I’m not gonna lie, things are [static] bad [static] here. There is no telling of how many people have died, but a lot more people are counting on...[explosion]’.

The video screen jumped out of place in momentary disruption, as something began firing upon the ‘Procules’.

'Mickey what was [static] that?’ Sophia asked, panicking.

‘I will find out, just a sec!’ he replied.

‘Keira? What is happening?’ Hicks asked Landon over another activated communications linkup.

'Mickey! A hostile ship was cloaked, somewhat alien in design, like the too close, we are taking fire. Conrad wants us to fly towards ‘Insuperable’ to get under their cover! They have dealt with the smaller craft that were shredding ‘Cairn’ to pieces, so that’s were we are going! Could use you in engineering though! Sorry’ Landon added.

‘I understand, I’ll be there in a minute Keira don’t worry!’ Hicks said.

'Hey Sophia, sorry we are getting hit hard! Got to go get back to engineering but don’t worry. I will check on your parents okay, I love you [static] stay safe!’ Hicks said, afraid in that moment that he would not get to see her face again.

‘Don’t worry he says! Don’t go getting yourself blown up! I have already got my wedding dress!’ Sophia mocked, changing the subject in a remarkable effort to remain calm.

She was clearly attempting to display all of the courage that she could muster giving that her fiancé could very well die at any moment.

‘You keep that dress safe Sophia! Me and you are getting the ocean right? I will see you soon’ Hicks said laughing.

‘Haha, very funny Mickey Hicks! You know I hate the sea! Stay safe out there!’ Sophia ended.

With their parting, Hicks touched the screen for a moment acknowledging the fact that this moment may very well be his last.

‘K...Kiera...what...what’s going on?’ a croaking voice asked sheepishly, the unmistakable sound coming from behind her somewhere.

‘I know that voice!’ Landon shouted as she turned around in uncontrollable excitement.

‘Benj! Your okay! I have to tell the others!’ she announced jubilantly.

‘What’s going on Kiera...I felt a shudder.’ Gable asked.

'What’s going on? In a nutshell...Cairnes is under attack from the same hostile forces which attacked us before. We are here to mess up those plans of theirs! That is after ‘Insuperable’ gets rid of this guy hitting us!’ Landon replied, feeling so much better now that Gable was alright.

‘Cairnes...wheres Kayden?’ Gable asked.

‘We have no idea Benj...we are getting hit pretty hard but the defence fleet believe that he and his officials were able to get to safety!’ Landon replied.

‘I wish I knew more than that' she thought.

‘Here’s to...hoping then?’ Gable prayed, before stumbling into a nearby cushioned seat that resided right next to Landon’s. He was still in no shape to move around freely it appeared.

‘This is Mickey; I’m in engineering with Kenny now Keira. Hold on to your underwear! I am just about to give us a magic boost!’ he promised with a quirky grin.

The miraculous boost had done what Hicks had hoped it would.

The extra push of the engines had propelled the battered ship ‘Procules’ into the protected area of space, where the menacing ‘Insuperable’ would be approaching any second now.

There it was, ‘Procules’ tore past the underbelly of the giant beast. The ship had almost sighed in relief at reaching relative safety, and the crew shared that same sentiment following yet another horrifying near-death experience.

‘Nice work Mickey, more good news too...Benjamin is awake and on the bridge when he should be resting!’ Landon remarked pointedly, turning to face him speaking in accusing tones.

‘That is great news! I knew that you would pull through, but... Benjamin I would go rest up for a while, we got this my friend!’ Hicks replied.

‘I know you have, and...yes Kiera you are right, besides I can’t argue with you both can I?’ Gable admitted.

‘I am ready to help though...arghh...guess not...okay, I will be resting down there in the sickbay. Keep me updated...will you?’ Gable asked, clearly trying to hide the pain that he was still feeling.

‘Of course Benj! I will come down there to see you when have dealt with these guys!’ Kiera said, her use of ‘when’ being unmistakable, as if the enemy at the gates were nothing but an inconvenience that would soon be eliminated.

‘You have no idea how much I wanted to see you again! This couldn’t have come at a better time, I love you, now go!’ Landon replied; joyful tears now streaming down rosy cheeks of her flush red face.

‘Yes...boss’ Gable replied with a precise salute and an open wince. The effort had inadvertently caused him to suffer some additional pain as he stumbled clumsily off of the bridge.

‘Insuperable’ was now firing once more. Only this time around it was a single, small enemy ship which had faced off against the towering titanic vessel.

The sole enemy ship had most likely been given the target of boarding the otherwise defenceless ‘Procules’.

Unfortunately for them, their plans were about to be thwarted.

‘Insuperable’s’ weapons fire began racing towards the isolated target. The ordinance which had been fired hastily, had succeeded with incinerating the enemy vessel almost immediately. Wild plasma fire raked the comparatively small vessel like it was melting it’s flimsy outer hull with every penetrating shot.

Now being relatively safe for the time being; ‘Procules’ remained in position to collect data once more whilst ‘Insuperable’ headed towards the remaining hostile warships in an effort to put a halt to the peerless aggression.

The hostiles must have seen ‘Insuperable’ heading in that direction though; and the still formidable fleet turned its focus elsewhere throughout the fragile star system of Cairnes.

‘Where the hell are they going now? Are of a bitch! They are aiming to attack the planet!’ Landon shouted, beside herself with rage.

‘Colonel Conrad, it looks like they are heading to orbit the planet, I’m now sending you their estimated co-ordinates!’

Merely a few minutes had passed when Conrad called back in.

‘It can’t be a coincidence that they are heading back towards Saffron Bay...specifically over the general vicinity where President Kayden’s bunker is!’

‘The distress call said that they were there before...they must still be looking for our leaders, tracking everything...just like we are doing with them!’ Conrad replied.

‘Yes, a remarkable coincidence...I suppose they aren’t finished with the place just yet. You guys had better haul ass Conrad! We will hold back and see what we can do from here, Landon out.’

‘Is everything alright Kiera?’ Dares asked in curious tones.

‘’s just that they didn’t simply know where this star system was; well initially they did to be sure, but in a matter of three hours they have managed to locate the general vicinity of where our remaining elements of leadership are hiding!’

‘My point being that if they were able to learn this much about us so fast, how long will it take for them to learn everything else...’ Landon replied hesitantly.

‘’re right Kiera...weapons, ship designs, resources, planets...hell with enough time they could find the location of Earth!’ Dares added.

‘Damn indeed! I will inform Conrad immediately’.

Conrad flinched at the thought of the hostiles’ possessing such a ruthless and efficient ability to gather so much intelligence within such a short period of time; and as lady luck would have it, time was in fact their biggest weakness.

‘Keira we have passed on that information and we are going to get rid of them as fast as we can! Conrad out,’ He promised.

‘The aliens are in orbit over Saffron Bay...again, what’s that?’ Conrad asked one of the scientists near to him, as shocked as he was, the scientist answered right away.

‘It seems that lady luck may be on our side after all Colonel...for now at least! They are firing in patterns of intersecting waves of plasma energy, with the hopes of targeting the precise location of the hidden bunker.’

Conrad forwarded the report using an encrypted linkup to each of the friendly ships that were left within the star system.

‘Listen up everyone, after analysing this data, we have figured out what they are doing. The bad news however, is that they are zeroing in on the bunker location. It’s only a matter of time before they pinpoint it' Conrad announced.

'I can guarantee that against such ferocious firepower; the mediocre shielding will fold as though it were a cheap suit. Swiftly after that, the building’s infrastructure will undoubtedly crumple like a tin foil hat!’ Conrad added bitterly.

‘It looks like they are really tearing the place up too aren’t they Conrad? We had better be quick in saving the president...that is if we can save him at all!’ Landon replied.

‘The state of the landscape surrounding the bunker is going to make it somewhat unapproachable by foot...ground extraction would be impossible!' Conrad admitted.

'Our only option is to take these guys out first, or we will eventually lead them to where the president is located anyway!’ Conrad added fatefully.

‘Well okay then, good luck! Landon out’.

‘They most certainly are firing in a pattern! Helena what does that look like?’ Landon asked in knowing that Dares would jump on the same answer.

'The outcome is quite different because this is weapons fire of course, but in archaeology one would apply such a pattern in the practice of ‘field-walking’ when in search of buried artefacts'.

'Whether or not they were searching on the ground or upon a moon or planet; using this effective method of surveying the hostiles will be able to narrow their search time dramatically when trying to discover this hidden bunker'.

'This bunker was supposed to be immune to all forms of scanning! Of course, when their fire eventually hits the bunker's shielding, the impact will reveal a sequence of energy waves directed from that localised area... and then it's game over!'

'Ideally we can’t let that happen, but I’m guessing that Conrad has reached the same conclusion. I guess that it wouldn’t hurt to tell him anyway!’ Landon reflected.

The hostiles may have regrouped and reached the planet first; yet the fact that they had not yet discovered the bunker had given the Cairnes defence forces a chance to co-ordinate a marginally organised counter-attack themselves.

‘Insuperable’ approached one side of the hostile armada whilst the other battleships and what was left of the lighter craft, aimed to strike from the opposite direction.

This was a form of pincer attack which would effectively reduce the number of manoeuvring options that were still available to the enemy.

'Let’s see, ‘Insuperable’ is locking on to a...whatever the hell that thing is!’ Landon cursed, causing Dares to laugh.

‘It looks like some kind of battleship right? see the size of the thing compared to our battleships, only this ship is entirely black and has what looks like spikes sticking out of it's hull. This ship would make for a good battering ram that's for I think that the spikes are most likely for show'

'This ship is also unlike our own design with it's spherical shape, it has several large weapons protruding from the starboard and portside sections of the ship. That thing is a nightmare...’ Dares answered.

‘I guess it does it's job well then!’ Landon replied.

The crew of ‘Procules’ were able to truly witness the devilish sight now; and the utter devastation upon the planet's surface was unmistakable.

Another thing of particular note were the designs of the rest of the hostile warships. Aside from the battleships none of the other ships had spikes upon their hulls. This device of terror was a technique that they seemed to reserve for the battleships, which were undoubtedly the muscle in their fleet.

The cruisers were somewhat similar in their design to the Republic’s own; perhaps this was a mere coincidence or maybe the hostile's were being even more truthful about their claims to human technology than anyone had actually realised.

The only differences in the design were the colours, and the equipment that they could analyse from where they were including the propulsion units and the weaponry in particular.

The smaller destroyer class vessels that belonged to the hostile armada on the other hand, were once again entirely different in their design.

They were kite shaped and littered with small weapon turrets across the outer hull which were appropriately fitted so that they would be able to inflict a lot of accumulative damage on any other similarly smaller craft. Much like the Republic Destroyers; they too possessed weaker shields and armour in an effect to preserve their much needed speed during a battle.

‘Insuperable’ was firing away with everything she had. The sheer magnitude of firepower that was being hurled toward the hostile forces meant that they could not maintain an effective search for the hidden bunker.

This was a pivotal moment, one of which could determine victory or defeat for humanity.

As a result of the co-ordinated strike; the hostile vessels that were being engaged by the ship were being decimated for lack of a better term.

The first barrage had seen to the complete destruction of five of the hostile battleships who had formed up in a row to protect their lighter craft. One could consider this to be a noble sentiment to be sure; yet giving what they had already done to humanity, nobody cared about said gesture in the slightest.

The futility of their plan must have fallen into place when the hostiles’ finally realised that their attempts at a combined volley aimed at ‘Insuperable’ were failing.

The effort had seen the beast’s shields fall to forty seven percent; yet the thick armour had remained mostly unaffected with only a few weapons out of commission. Any other ship or group of ships for that matter facing such a tactic would have most likely been destroyed after but a few volleys.

‘Insuperable’ was not just any ship though; the untested prototype had taken the enemy by surprise once again. If only the former inhabitants of the destroyed facility in Astros were still of this world; their cheering would have no doubt been enough to rattle the heavens.

‘I’m still trying to work out the logic behind this attacking position Keira?’ Dares questioned with a furrowed brow.

'Ah you see, there are too few ships remaining within the defence force to create an effective fleet formation. Not to mention that ‘Insuperable’ would have had to take position within the centre of such a formation to be of any particular use.'

'As it stands, ‘Insuperable’ is too far away for such a tactic to work effectively, and so this is all that they have left to try! Landon admitted.

'Will ‘Insuperable’ not be destroyed against such unwelcomed odds?’ Dares asked.

'Anything’s possible, but this is ‘Insuperable’ and it’s all we got!’ Landon repeated.

The unrelenting barrages coming from 'Insuperable' were too much for the hostile armada to handle in their current formation.

The unconventional attack had forced the alien armada to retreat in an unorganised and sloppy manner. As a result the hostiles plummeted straight into their own forces with tremendous velocity.

The harassing alien warships were engaged in battle with the other dwindling Cideen Republic space faring vessels, in an effort to rid the star system of its now meagre defences. Having been caught unawares, the hostiles were beginning to realise that ‘Insuperable’ had ruined their carefully laid plans.

The alien objective had been foiled. In a last ditch offensive, they would have to destroy anything within their reach, that is if they were given the opportunity to do so.

‘See not bad aye?’ Landon added following the hoped for outcome of the co-ordinated strike by the friendly forces.

Dares smiled at the premise of having her own questions answered by witnessing the unfolding events that lay before them. ‘Not bad at all!’ she said.

Moments later, ‘Procules’ heard Conrad yelling over the intercom to his other ships.

''Aegis’ look out! Colonel Richardson! You have two retreating cruisers heading into your current path! Alter your course now! I say again alter course now!’

The message must have arrived too late though.

Suddenly one of the hostile cruisers pivoted over the Cideen Republic vessel in a crazed panic; the alien ship had decided to take the kamikaze option and ploughed straight into the aft section of ‘Aegis’ tearing her into several large blazing fragments.

Each section began braking away like an infinitely pieced jigsaw puzzle, just as they began exploding in a dense chain reaction. The swift aftermath produced a brief fiery trail across the star-lit backdrop of space, marking the deaths of both ships, and of their helpless crews.

The two ships had collided at an immeasurable rate of velocity, leaving no survivors to be rescued.

‘Damn it, no one could have survived that!’ Landon cursed punching the station in front of her on the bridge of ‘Procules’.

The huge explosion marking the death of two ships had triggered something else in the enemy; seeing that their kamikaze tactic was all that was left to them, they began to alter their own trajectories drastically.

The hostile battleships that were still functioning had decided to hold off the friendly forces in preparation for a new form of attack.

Ballistic spears of metal and unchecked energy rocketed towards the planet’s surface en masse. Dozens of Hostile light cruisers had fixated their gazed upon the idle world below.

They tore through the planet's atmosphere with precision, and fiery trails of debris and smoke smothered the skies of the planet Cairnes.

Trembling clouds swiftly parted ways shortly before the unstoppable alien vessels began crashing into the surrounding area of the hidden bunker. The only hope would be for the alien vessels to not impact and destroy the bunker with such a devastating barrage.

The remaining seven battleships were managing to tackle the enemy ships in an effort to assist the lighter Republic ships. The daring attempt was being lead by the late Colonel Richardson’s daughter Captain Emily Richardson.

‘Insuperable’ was closing in on the kamikaze ships but they were too fast for her to catch leaving the twenty ships for the cruisers and destroyers to chase down.

‘Colonel Conrad this is Captain Richardson here, I have let loose my cruisers and brought the remaining destroyers with me too to try and stop them before they tear that bunker wide open!’ she said, reassuring Conrad.

‘Nice work Captain! This baby is mighty powerful but very slow, they are all yours! We will go and assist the battleships with their alien problem, Conrad out!’

There were nearly twice as many remaining Cideen Republic cruisers and destroyers pursuing the hostile kamikaze’s now; and giving that the enemies shields were not at full strength, they had a good chance to destroy them before they reached their final destination.

Munitions raced across the sky seeking their selected targets. From where ‘Procules’ was stationed, it had looked like the Cideen Republic vessels were actually firing upon the planet instead of the hostile vessels.

Seventeen of the suicidal hostile ships were destroyed as they attempted to weave through turbulent atmospheric conditions. Three lucky warships had still made it through to impact with the surface though, of those three, two of them had torpedoed into densely built up areas where many of the inhabitants still remained securely sheltered underground.

The sole-surviving alien ship must have had a change of heart after witnessing their comrades explode without achieving any critical hits. With jarring attempt to pull up at the last moment; they attempted to climb back out of the planet’s lower orbit, yet it was too late to do so, and the sheer momentum of the stricken vessel had already taken effect.

The battered ship's outer hull was glowing fiery red due to the severe atmospheric friction that was threatening to disintegrate the entire vessel prematurely.

With a prolonged hissing of parting water; the ship dove bow first in to the port of Saffron where it pierced the ocean surface, scraping repeatedly across the low-levelled seabed of the bay. The collision resulted in huge waves crashing against the helpless flood barrier of the port.

Nearby buildings were being pummelled by flash floods, as weakened windows shattered, and old walls crumbled under the pressure of so much water.

Saffron Bay would never look the same again.

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