Breaking Acadia

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Chapter 20

My leg healed in no time. After wiping all the dried blood from my skin, it looked exactly as it did before I was shot, and once again, I was utterly amazed by Killian’s body. The man was an absolute miracle. What also amazed me was how long he could stay in the shower.

Sure, it had been a week or so since either of us had washed up, but it had almost been an hour since he left. It was only natural to worry, right? I figured I would check on him. The only problem was that I had never been in a spaceship before, so there was no way of knowing where the bathroom would be. Of course, it didn’t help that there were several hallways to choose from. It was nearly impossible to navigate through all these bends and turns and openings, and yet I somehow brought it upon myself to press on. The ship was endless, but my patience was not, which was one very bad combination that would surely drive me insane if I continued too much longer. I had only been wandering for five minutes, but it felt like ages. It wouldn’t surprise me if I had passed him numerous times already. Despite this thought, I wasn’t about to give up just yet. For all I knew, he could be hurt. That was probably not the case, but it wouldn’t hurt to check anyway. Just in case.

At some point through my wanderings, I heard a faint sound coming from behind one particularly strange-looking door. It was sleek and black with no handle, but I noticed it was slightly cracked open when I looked at it closely. I slipped my fingers inside to pull it open, but instead it slid to the right. I pushed it so there was just enough space for me to squeeze through. Once inside, I was immediately choked by a thick wall of steam. I put my arms out in front of me so I wouldn’t hit my face on anything. When it felt like I should have reached the other side, it only kept going. The steam now hung thick in my lungs as I progressed cautiously. As I walked deeper into the unknown, my anxiety began to escalate. Was Killian even in here? If so, had he suffocated from this thick air? The sound of running water surrounded me, giving away the true identity of the room. It was, in fact, the showers I had entered.

I soon found myself stuck in an endless maze of vapor. The thickness of the air made it difficult to breathe. Then, somewhere beyond me, I heard deep, heavy breathing. It sounded like Killian. Had I been right to come and find him? Was there something wrong with him? Suddenly, I started to panic, both from the fear of him dying and from the fear of myself following the same fate. I picked up the pace, reaching out blindly in hopes of finding him through touch. His breathing got louder as I got closer. Something just ahead of me materialized from the veil of mist. It was Killian. He had his hands braced against the wall with his head bowed, shoulders heaving dramatically as water poured over his naked body. My heart started beating furiously with each small step I took towards him. About this time, my dress was nearly soaked from my sweat and moisture surrounding me. A single droplet of perspiration dripped from my nose as I stopped to stand behind him.

I knew I had to leave, but I just couldn’t. It was obvious something was wrong and I couldn’t bring myself to leave him like this. It wasn’t exactly the greatest place to comfort him, especially when he was in this state. This, however, did not stop me from slowly reaching out to him to touch his back with a feather-light touch. He flinched and spun around to catch my arm before I could even react. His reaction had frightened me so much that I couldn’t even make a sound.

“Go away,” he said miserably.

My eyes widened and I shook my head. “Killian, what’s wrong?”

He leaned in so that our faces were only an inch apart. “Leavemealone.”

His voice was dripping with icy venom.

“No,” I replied, trying to mask the tremble in my voice.


“I’m not leaving until you—”

Please,” he interrupted desperately. “I don’t want you to see me like this. Just go.”

I swallowed the congealed lump in my throat as I stared at him. What I saw was truly terrifying. His eyes were bloodshot. I immediately came to the conclusion that he had been…

“Killian, you’re scaring me,” I whispered, attempting to control my breathing.

“Good. You should be scared. Now show me how terrified you really are and run away.”

Tears were starting to sting my eyes—I tried to blink them away, but I was fighting a lost cause.

“This isn’t like you,” I said, my lips now trembling. “Stop this.”

He cupped my cheek with his hand, wiping away the hair that stuck to my skin with his long fingers. He leaned in to me, pressing his lips to my forehead, and he stayed there for a while. I closed my eyes, raising my hand to place it on his chest. Then, I felt his other hand trace up my leg.

“Please go,” he begged against my skin.

Without even thinking, I turned my leg out so that my inner thigh was open for him.

“I’m not leaving you.”

I grabbed his hand and placed it higher up. He looked down at me with a flicker of light in his eyes. Then they dilated to black, and that was when I realized how terrified I should have been. I’ve only seen primal Killian once or twice before, but nothing like this. This was a whole other level of dangerous that I have never had to face with him before. Sure, we had been in physical fights in the past, but this was completely different. This was now emotionally dangerous—for both of us. So why did I still feel the need to flirt with the idea of totally submitting to him in every way?

His fingers immediately found where I had invited him. I felt him travel farther up so that his fingertips brushed delicately over my underwear. A violent shudder ripped through my body, causing my breath to hitch. My hips, as if they had a mind of their own, bucked against his hand, desperate for more. He groaned before capturing my mouth with his soft, perfect lips. We moved together at the same pace, slipping our tongues around each other like some kind of exotic dance. All of a sudden, it felt as if my head was nothing but empty space—floating freely somewhere in the air above me. I was totally drugged by his touch as he rubbed one finger firmly against the dampness in my underwear. The friction caused unimaginable pleasure, which exploded in my chest.

“Just remember this, Jianna,” he growled in my ear. “You brought the beast.”

I moaned as his arm wrapped around my waist, and it felt as if I was falling backwards into nothingness. Apparently, I reallyhadalmost fallen from the lack of all sensibility, as he whispered in my ear, “I’m going to need you to stand for me, darling.”

I gasped when the scalding shower water scorched me through the fabric of my dress as he pulled me under it with him. His tongue travelled up my neck and along my jawline slowly, savoring the taste of my skin. My underwear was now soaking wet, so there really was no sense in keeping them on. With utmost caution, giving me plenty of time to say no, he tugged them off, throwing them into the great beyond once I shimmied out of them impatiently. My whole being cried out for him, screaming, and insisting that we were both ready for this—right here, right now. This was our moment, and nothing was going to stop us this time—not anything.

As if he had heard my cries, he graced me with something other than his finger, sliding it against my wet folds with a slow, rhythmic motion.

I don’t know what overcame me, but suddenly, the next thing I knew, I was desperately struggling to climb onto him to get into a better position. I whined as I tried jumping up on him to wrap my legs around his waist, but it was too slippery. He growled before picking me up and shoving me into the wall, rutting his member into my womanhood.

Killian!” I squealed, grabbing a fistful of his hair as I held on to him tightly, panting and mewling like a deranged animal.

The feeling was almost too much.

But I couldn’t get enough of it.

Harder…” I whispered in his ear.

The feeling was addictive—over and over again, I rocked my hips into him, and something was crawling up my body, threatening to claim my heart.

“No,” he said with an uneven voice, pulling his hips away. I grumbled at the loss. “Not yet. I’ve been waiting too long for this to finish you off so quickly.”

He pinned my arms above my head with one hand, using the other to grab my jaw so that I couldn’t turn away, leaving only his body to hold me up. He kissed me roughly, passionately, hungrily, and only then could I feel how long he had waited so patiently. I felt it in his touch, his kiss, his breath, and his smell. This was what true desire felt like.

He swept me up in one motion, gently setting me down so that I was lying on my back. The water came down on my body, creating a strange sensation that allowed me to feel every drop of water on my skin. He got to his knees, swiftly opening my legs so that he was positioned between them. We’ve been in this position so many times before, but this was finally the moment.

This is it.

Gods help me, this is it.

“Just relax,” he said quietly, both hands cupping my cheeks as he leaned forward. “It only hurts for a second.”

I grabbed his wrists tightly and I could feel my body go cold, despite the heat. I could tell I must have looked terrified since he continued to shush me soothingly. Then, he readied himself at my entrance.

Oh gods, oh gods, oh—he kissed me tenderly and I felt pressure build in the lower part of my body as he slowly pushed himself deep inside me. I broke away to make a sound of discomfort as he tore through my veil of innocence, throwing my arms around him so that our bodies were pressed tightly together.

It hurt so much.

How could it hurtso much?

Gods,” I squeaked.

“Shh, it’s alright,” he said in my ear as he smoothed back my hair.

When the pain gradually eased away, I slowly adjusted to his size. A new feeling rose up inside me in that moment. It was an incredible feeling—one that I will never forget. It wasn’t just the feeling of pleasure I was experiencing, but a complete feeling that gave me a sense of life that I’ve never felt before. Adrenaline was the only thing that came close to this feeling. It could better be described, though, as feeling on top of the world, as if nothing could touch me. We fell completely silent, with only the sound of our breathing filling the air around us. He planted small kisses on my neck as he allowed me to adjust to him completely. Gradually, he started to move his hips. That was when I lost all control of my body.

I squirmed underneath him, moaning, and gasping for air, letting the mix of both pain and pleasure rule me. My breath caught as he went faster. Soon, he was pounding into me with a steady rhythm, hard with his fingers tangled in my hair. I was seeing red all over—the red of heat and passion that I never thought I would experience in a million years. What would the Jianna from Jev City think of me now?

I groaned loudly as I lightly dragged my nails down his back. This caused him to inhale sharply through his nose. “Oh, it’s that game you want to play?”

I made a small sound of approval.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered, immediately pulling out of me.

“Are you going to punish me like you did in the forest, sir?”

Where had this confidence come from?

His thumb brushed over my quivering lips once, and he said, “No. I’m going to do something much better. I’m going to fuck you senseless. Now do as I say before my patience wears thin.”

I did, but not without struggle. I came to find that my limbs could hardly even support my own weight as I attempted to push myself off the ground. I simply rolled over in a half-hearted attempt to lean on my elbows and tucked my knees underneath me. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough as he adjusted me so that I was positioned how he wanted me. My face was burning hot with anticipation as he leaned over me to put his lips close to my ear.

“Spread your legs for me.”

I inched my knees away from each other. His fingers traced down my spine, causing violent shivers to rack my body. Both of his hands splayed over each side of my ass and he rubbed me tenderly. I reared back into him, which immediately granted me a good, hard slap.

I yelped and gasped, “More.”

He gave me another.


“So perfect,” he cooed, grinding against me. “Can you make that sound for me again, love?”

Before I could give him what he wanted, a familiar pressure built up inside my lower regions once more as he entered me from behind.

I couldn’t help it.

Killian!” I screamed, backing into him repeatedly.

He groaned, and I felt his hands hold my hips firmly as his thrusts synchronized with mine. It was raw, hot, andoh, so passionate. We panted, going faster than ever before, and it wasn’t long before that strange sensation started creeping up inside my chest again. He must have known because he only went harder and harder and harder and—

“Come on,” he said through clenched teeth.

That’s all it took.

A violent, broken shout exploded from my mouth as all the muscles in my body tightened and my back arched in a way I never thought was possible. I closed my eyes, mouth hung open, mind completely freed. I felt something scorching hot spill into me just as his thrusts stuttered to a halt. Then, he fell away, rolling on his back just to the right of me.

I crawled over to him, elbows wobbling, barely keeping support, and collapsed with my head resting against his heaving chest. I could hear his heart beating furiously, and could only imagine that mine was just the same. It was all still a daze before it finally dawned onto me.

I had had my first dalliance.

I moaned quietly as an aftershock of pleasure overtook me for a second. His arms wrapped snugly around my body like a protective barrier. Slowly, our breathing went back to normal, and eventually, we turned the showers off before heading to a room with a large bed with fresh blankets and sheets. Not a single word was spoken, but there were many thoughts that neither of us could quite yet grasp.

We found some drying material in the closets of the room and wiped ourselves down before wrapping our naked bodies in the warmth of the bed. There was even more silence to follow as we lay in the dark together. We had nothing to say. Only the soft beating of our hearts could determine our thoughts and feelings. I had my head on his chest with his hand held to mine, and this was how we communicated for the longest time. With my eyes half-closed, I traced the bulging veins of his arm, memorizing the softness of his skin and the warmth radiating off him. Ever so gently, he combed his fingers through my hair. The excess water pooled on my back and he dragged his fingers through it so that he could draw wet circles on my skin.

He’s never been so gentle before—so delicate. The loving, caring side of Killian was showing.

I’m not exactly sure what led up to what happened next, but before I knew it, we were going at it again. This time, he guided my hips down on top of him. He taught me how to ride him—to ride him hard and ride him fast—and he whispered sweet nothings in my ear as I came to another release, and again, we shared a that special moment.

Eventually, we exhausted ourselves into a deep sleep, and by the time I woke up, he was still there beside me, eyes watching me with intent. Then, he kissed me sweetly on the lips, and then again on my forehead, and whispered, “I love you.”

Maybe I was stupid to believe him, but I didn’t care.

“I love you, too,” I whispered back, and that was when I felt like I could stay with him forever.

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