Nobody's Boy

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Chapter 11

It’s weird to think back a couple days and realize how normal life was. Sure, we were unknowingly trapped on an island facing a scary doctor who wanted to experiment on us, but none us were dead or running away from psychotic pigs. Now life is just chaotic and the death of Jack has only made things worse.

The guards set up camp in a random location last night. After our ‘brave’ stand-off we were given a night to recover. I was watching the sky begin to grey, and after a night of no sleep knew I’d never recover. As the stars disappeared and the sun peeked over the horizon I rose to my feet and began to trek through the mass of sleeping bodies around me.

“Hey, Erik?” Someone whispered roughly. I turned and looked at Jasmine, who was slumped on her left arm.

“I just need to walk…” I explained.

“Mind if I come with?” She sat up.

“No, I’d like company.” I grinned and helped her to her feet. She smiled and we headed out to nowhere. I was tensed up, watching around every tree and bush for the pig. But by the time we reached the edge of the forest, it seemed like we were safe.

After everything I’d already endured, the feeling of sand against my bare feet seemed surreal. I walked until we reached the edge of the water and stopped just before a wave lapped against my toes. I stared at the frothy water and then plopped down onto the damp ground.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, just feeling the ocean air and tasting the spray of salt from the sea. Offshore, a pod of dolphins leaped into the air, their bodies twisting as they sliced through the surface of the water. Jasmine watched, entranced, until they disappeared around the coastline of the curvy island.

“I wish I was free.” She murmured so quietly that the wind almost snatched it away.

“Unfortunately that’s a privilege we’ve had taken away again and again.” I watched her face change emotions. She brushed back her hair and turned to face me, her chin resting on her cupped palm.

“Why us? Why not someone more capable? Do you ever ask yourself what they see in us?” She scooped up a handful of sand and let it sprinkle back to Earth.

“Because we’re rebels, the outcasts of society.” I moved forwards until my feet were in the water. “We’re the expendable bits that no one wants. Nobodys.”

“Nobody’s?” She tilted her head to the side.

“I guess it’s time I tell you a bit about me.” I lay down and stared up at the clouds drifting across the sky.

“I grew up in a group home full of depraved children begging for attention. As a small kid I was pushed to the back corner and left alone, abandoned by everyone. No one cared about me and I doubt they even sought me out after… I ran away. I joined a small gang and we ran around causing trouble, but eventually I was betrayed over to the police, where I ended up in juvy. Through all this no one cared about me so i called myself nobody’s boy.” I paused and looked over at jasmine, who was wiping away a stray tear.

“I care.” She said, kissing my cheek. I smiled and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. We sat there until a guard came out of the thick foliage to bring us back.


“Out on a nightly venture?” The leader, who I’d learned was named Tanner, smirked as we walked into the protected circle, the other guard following right behind. “Where were they?”

“Out on the beach.”

“Ooh, how romantic.” Tanner began pacing. “Next time you leave us thinking you were dragged off during the night how about you just tell someone?”

“What, and get a chaperone?” Jasmine grinned devilishly. “We just wanted to talk?”

“You sure?” Tanner stopped and faced us. “Well we’ve come up with a… plan.” He returned Jasmine’s grin. “Something you two can help us with.”

I exchanged glances with Jasmine, my worry reflecting off her golden eyes. “What kind of plan?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry.” He stepped forwards until I could smell his rank breath. “It just requires a small… sacrifice.”

Something sharp clamped around my wrists and I cried out in surprise and pain. Jasmine echoed it, struggling against the bonds. The man holding her yanked them back and she stumbled against him.

“Let go of me!” She cried out.

“We found some supplies a while back that we’ve been hiding.” Tanner said. “Turns out Kirami had defensive materials against all your powers except, of course, flying. But a simple chain to the ground will solve that.”

I yelled and leaped up, my leg shooting out to catch him in the face, but he sidestepped it and I fell heavily to my side.

“Sorry, but tables have turned.” He stepped back so I could see the rest of the group chained up. “We’ll save them for later, but it we don’t satisfy this pig then we’ll never catch it. While it’s feasting on one of you we’ll sneak up and get it.”

“You’re crazy!” Jasmine grunted.

“Thank you, dear.” He cupped her chin in his hand and smiled. “Now lets hope this isn’t a waste.”

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