Nobody's Boy

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Chapter 13

Bang! Something shot through the pig, plowing a path through the woods behind it. I watched in fear as it squealed, reared up on its stubby legs, and dashed into the trees, running into the empty compound.

Three black figures stepped out from behind the trees and hurried over to us. I recognized them from camp, and realized that tanner had kept his promise, though the pig was gone now.

“Bravo!” Tanner stepped out, slowly clapping. I grimaced as he walked towards us.

“It got away.” jasmine growled. “What a great plan.” She spat on the decaying leaves beneath her.

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Tanner grinned. “I shot that stupid beast with a contraption Dr. Kimari made called a commandeer. It sent messages to the pigs brain directing it to the compound where we’ll intercept it and take over…”

“And kill it?” Jasmine asked softly. “That’s impossible. It’s invincible.”

“To harm, yes. But hunger and thirst?” Tanner came over with a weird knife and chopped through the metal wire with a swift slash. “The pig can die.”

“What are you gonna do? Tie it to a tree?” I asked.

“So it can cut through the rope with its tusks? I was thinking more of ridding the island of this… pest. Sending it out to sea.” From behind him emerged the rest of the group, with Morgan, Felicity and Rikki following close behind. “We’re ready!” He called to them.

“Okay!” The soldiers circled around the others in our group and brought them closer.

“What are you doing?” Jasmine demanded.

“We have one last assignment.” Tanner said. “I need you guys to go in there and chase the pig out while we wait around the compound.”


“Nope, just your superpowers!” he laughed darkly. “You should be fine.”

“Fine isn’t what I was thinking!” Morgan shouted from behind him. The soldier next to her slapped her across the cheek and she hunkered down in fear.

“No arguing while we’re so close.” Tanner admonished. “Now… follow me!”


The hallways were almost pitch black, and Morgan led the way with her see-in-the-dark eyes. Jasmine clung to my arm, her nails digging into my skin with every noise. I winced, imagining the permanent marks that would remain, but also enjoyed the attention she was giving me.

“Everyone stop.” She suddenly whispered. I froze, waiting for the pig to lunge, but instead she walked forwards and used the same switch trick that she had when I was with her before.

As the lights flickered on I heard the first squeal.

“It begins.” Rikki murmured.

I rose into the air and began to swim through the air. The others stayed back as I peered cautiously around the nearest corner. It was empty, passing the broken lab. I floated down to the smashed windows and looked through them. The lab was the same as when me and Jasmine had left.

I beckoned the others from around the corner and led them down the long hall to the next end. Another squeal rang out from just around the corner. Jasmine jumped and I swear blood started dripping down my arm. I cried out and she looked stunned.

That’s when the pig decided to attack.

It sped around the corner, plowing straight through our group. I jumped up, my flying engaged suddenly, and whacked my head on the tile ceiling. Jasmine ran into the wall, leaving Morgan, Rikki, and Felicity alone on the ground. Felicity ran ahead of the pig, leading it towards the exit. I followed behind, ready to save her if anything went wrong.

“Watch out!” Rikki yelled. Felicity looked back just as the pig jumped, it’s fleshy body pushing her to the floor. She screamed as it tried to cut opened her face.

I dropped onto its back and rolled off with it. It’s squeal scared me, but I continued to roll over and over, rising slowly into the air, it’s weight almost breaking my arms. I screamed with exertion as I tossed it through the air, my super strength kicking in. Jasmine suddenly appeared out of the ceiling and grabbed one of my limp arms, keeping me from collapsing onto the floor.

Felicity got back up and began taunting the pig again. It chased her down the hall, towards the door. Morgan and Rikki raced by, leaving just me and Jasmine. My body was sore all over and my lips were bleeding from where one of my teeth had punctured it all the way through.

Jasmine smiled and gave me a small kiss, her lips sprinkled with blood drops. She wiped them on her sleeve and whispered “Come on, we’re not finished.”

I grunted, my mind warped from the strength it had taken to toss the pig. Jasmine slowly maneuvered herself down the wall, gripping poles that were inside the tiles and invisible to me. She landed and I rolled onto my back. A scream is what brought me to my feet.

“Hang on.” I grabbed Jasmine and flew down to the corner. A loud squeal rang out, followed by excited yells. The door was closed, light filtering in through the hole in the metal. I exchanged worried glances with Jasmine before speeding towards it.

The soldiers were standing in a tight circle around the squirming pig, who was trapped inside a net that had been shot out of a large contraption sitting on Tanners shoulder. Felicity was panting as she lay on the grass, her tongue lolled out with exaggeration as Rikki spoke softly to her.

“Congratulations!” Tanner said. “We’ve caught the pig!”

“Now what?” Jasmine inquired, stepping out of my arms.

“Now we send it off the island on a raft a few of my men assembled.” He grinned. “After that, we’ll try and send for a ship.”

“And what happens to us on the mainland?” I asked.

“A deal’s a deal, though it all depends on what the people think of your powers. Are they dangerous or not?”

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