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Nobody's Boy

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Chapter 2

I was locked in my room. After ‘encouraging’ Jasmine to create chaos around the lab, they said that I was to be kept in my room until further notice. I stared at the ceiling, banged my head against the counter, and turned the sink tap on and off until I head tired eyes, a headache, and wrinkled skin.

My friends were still going through their transformations. I knew that Dr. kimari was hoping for a large variety of powers. I was curious what everyone would get. Could we bust out of here and become the world’s biggest villains? After juvy I was determined to take my anger out on the world.

An alarm started to ring again. I laughed, curling up on the bed. So far three had gone off, Jasmine and two of my other buddies. I hoped they ruined this forsaken place before being captured. Having super strength and flying didn’t help because I discovered that I couldn’t punch through metal doors, floors, walls, ceiling, or lights. My flying was unpredictable and I usually ended up slamming into whatever was around me.

I longed for a window that would give me a glimpse of the outside world. We’d been transported here while asleep, and had never been shown what was outside. All exits were heavily guarded, and not even Dr. Kimari left the lab.

The door opened and a guard walked in. “Dr. Kimari would like to speak with you.” He said, gesturing to the door. I walked out, head held high, and the guard pointed his gun at the small of my back and pushed me along the hall.

“Anyone get hurt from my friends?” I asked. The guard grimaced but stayed silent. After pestering him for a few minutes I grew quiet and watched as he led me through a door I’d never been in before. It was dark and the air was musty. I heard a muffled grunt and winced as the lights flashed on.

The room had six large cages leaning against one wall. Two of them were occupied by my friends Jackson and Rikki. The third was closed and locked, but empty. Jasmine was standing outside the door, pacing angrily in front.

“Hey.” I greeted, walked over.

“Ugh, where have you been?” She threw herself into my arms and gave me a tight hug. “These idiots won’t let Rikki and Jack go.” She walked towards one of the cages and went right through the bars. “Unfortunately I can’t carry them out with me.”

“Did they lock you up?”

“Yeah, but it was impossible to keep me in there.” She suppressed a grin. Her face turned dark. “Look who’s here.”

I turned and watched as Dr. Kimari walked in. Morgan and felicity walked in behind him, their eyes staring at the ground.

“Well, let’s get started.” Dr. Kimari clapped his hands. “I’d like you guys to share your powers with each other as you’ll be a… team together. Why don’t we start with Erik.”

“Uh, I can fly and I’m stronger.” I stuttered, looking at Jasmine.

“I can manipulate particles to move.” She walked through the wall behind her. I watched, waiting for her to come back. She took several seconds before her face peeked through. Morgan stifled a laugh as she slowly stuck out her legs and then emerged fully.

“I can make still air moved forcefully in one direction for a few seconds.” Rikki said.

“I can trick people into listening to me.” Jackson stood up. “Come over here.” He said to me. My legs seemed to move on their own.

“Why don’t you tell them to unlock you?” I asked.

“Because all the guards here are immune to my abilities with a special syringe.” He crouched down on the floor.

“I can see in the dark.” Morgan smiled.

“I can move really fast as long as nothing is grabbing onto me.” Felicity grimaced. “Guess I can’t run away with you all.”

Dr. Kirami grinned. “Besides, you wouldn’t get far.”

We all stared at him with anger glimmering in our eyes. He cleared his throat and pulled out a clipboard. “Now that you’re all… complete we can start with training.”

“Training?” I narrowed my eyes. “What kind of training.”

“Training so you can use your powers effectively.”

“But you said that you’d make us back to normal.” I rose dangerously in the air. “You’d better not have been lying.”

“Uh…” He walked backwards out of the room. “I’ll meet you guys tomorrow so we can, uh, talk about stuff.” The door closed and we were left facing a group of guards. Jasmine walked over to the wall that faced the hall. She stuck her arm through it and immediately every gun was pointed at her. She took a step back. “Sheesh.”

“You can’t just keep us locked up.” Rikki looked at the guards. “Can we go out?”

“Yes,” a guard stepped forwards with the keys. “but any problems with any of you and you’re back in these cages. Unless you’re, uh, a certain person.” Jasmine smiled brightly.

“I’m heading to bed.” I yawned. “I’m tired.”

Felicity headed for the door. “Lets all sleep and then we’ll meet back here for whatever meeting Karami has planned.”

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