CyberWolf: The Whelping

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Ill Met By Moonlight

The human was as good as his word. I am surprised. For a moment, I, the wolf, gloried in the light of the newly risen moon. I heard the sounds and smelled the scents of this strange forest of rock and stone. The noise reminded me of discordant geese and the rank, fetid, air stank with too many scents to name. No matter, no matter. I had only one true need, one true purpose; the hunting of prey. The moonlight will guide me to them.

I remembered the address the human received and set off in that direction. I ran for a time until I reached the place the humans called Bellevue. The dwelling was in sight. It beckoned enticingly in the moonlight. I slowed and crawled stealthily nearer. I could see prey entering and exiting the house. I let the night’s shadows enfold me like a mother. I crept around the side of the house where three Animen where speaking in hushed tones. A humanoid cow was speaking with a humanoid boar and pig. These unholy creatures enraged me. These abominations were trying to warp and twist the ways of nature and use them to achieve their own ends. They don’t understand that there must be balance. What has been taken must be renewed. Balance must be respected.

“They’re packing the formula at the church up the street,” said the cow-woman.

Formula: That word conjured up a memory as if from some former life. I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but I instinctively felt it was important. I kicked a small pebble with my right leg hoping to lure the cow-woman away from the group. I quietly kicked a stone against her foot. I watched her start as the pebble struck her foot. Her head swerved and her eyes tracked its direction. The cow-woman ambled in my direction, and I melted further into the shadows ready to take her in one efficient blow. She was close now. I could smell the sweet, fearful sweat that made her body glisten in the moonlight. Her bovine jowls morphed into a frown as I reached with claws of metal and steel and forced her with grace, and fluidity, to the ground. I clamped a claw over her mouth so she couldn’t cry out. I could feel the human begin to whisper to me from our minds’ cave. “Formula”, he whispered like the annoying busing of an insect. ”Formula, I mimicked him, “Where is the formula?”

“Church down the street.” She said. I let her go and continued down the street. That prey was too easy, a true challenge would be at the church.

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