CyberWolf: The Whelping

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The Longest Night

We rode along in silence for a time, neither of us knowing quite what to do to fill the void left by the silence. But silence never sat well, with me, so, I soon had to fill it.

“Is Lab-Rat your name?

“My name?” The Animan spoke as if he was remembering something he hadn’t recalled in a while, “My name is Edward Thompson.” He said it reverently, as if he were remembering the name of a beloved deceased grandparent.

“Why did you become an Animan, Edward?”

He didn’t answer for a minute and when he did his voice held a reflective air. He said. “I was a scientist. Who was a great admirer of Jack O’shannon. One day, I rediscovered his notes. Like him I wanted to improve the human condition and I’m ashamed to say, become rich, to give my wife Karen and son Tim all the things they could want. One of which was an African Safari. A man named Sgàile kidnapped my wife and child and force me to enhance it so that Human DNA merged with Animal DNA. Those that followed him gained the proportionate strength of those Animals. Often, many times stronger than a human being.”

“I see. Were you one of your own test subjects Edward?” I asked.

The Human rat chuckled sardonically, “That’s right. I was actually, the first Animan. Sgàile made sure of that so I would have the proper motivation to successfully engineer the formula.”

“Helluva guy,” I wondered aloud.

“Indeed” Lab-Rat said as he started laughing and too my surprise, I joined in.

BANG. The sound was like ice water on my face. Gunshot, a part of my mind realized as my pulse and breathing quickened and my eyes focused trying to identify the threat.

First things first, “Stay calm and stay quiet you will live through this.” Next, I tried to take stock of the situation. It was hard to do that while bullets were pelting the car like lethal hail stones. “83-24 requesting backup”, I frantically tried to remember our location. “Um uh somewhere near the ferry docks for Bremerton. The radio gave a final hiss, not unlike a death rattle, and then died. “Shit,” I growled .

“Silver Wolf, I muttered what am I to do?” I hoped to heaven my old friend could hear me. I couldn’t think with the loud cacophony of death the bullets made. I saw a building in in the distance and gruffly ordered Lab-Rat, “Stay behind me.” I ordered, pulling him a long, I made for a dark and inviting building in the distance. “Run!” I screamed at Lab-rat. Fear had me in its icy grip. I couldn’t make my legs work. Something hit me with a hard thump in the back, it felt like a sledge hammer.” Then everything went black.

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