CyberWolf: The Whelping

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To Rule In Hell

I awoke in a dark cave, slick with dirt and grime.The air was thick with cold, frigid with contempt. I gagged on the scent of raw meat. I did not care about the misery, for Jessica was dead and nothing was left for me in the world.

“You are weak, human, and useless.

A silver haired wolf entered the cave. I recognized it, one of the Kachina. Silverwolf’s Totem.

Foolish Human Pining for a woman.

“I know who you are, Silverwolf’s Totem, Kweo.

Do all meat bags have your grasp of the obvious?”

“What do you want with me?”

“What do the Kachina want from their Shamans? Service, I want to hunt prey.“

“You want to hunt?”

“Yes.” The wolf was drooling with anticipation.

“Hunt what?”

“The unholy humans that join with animals.”

“The Animen? You want to hunt the Animen?”

”Yes they are an offense to nature and must be destroyed!”

Maybe I could use this creature’s thirst for vengeance to slake my own.

“We have something in common. We both want revenge against the animen. One of them took my friend from me. I want them to pay for that mistake.”

“Yes I sense we are of like mines human. But your body is wounded, crippled, not fit for the hunt.”

My voice resonated with an angry challenge, “Try me.”

“Very well human I will.”

The world went black as the wolf pounced on me.

I opened my eyes to find myself back at the hospital in a quiet room with dark shadows blanketing me. I looked down to see that I was still in my clothes and not a hospital gown so I deuced that I wasn’t checked in as a patient. I did notice that I was hooked up to a heart monitor. It beeped steadily and cast one corner of the room in a luminous blue glow.

I heard Doctor McKenna’s voice behind my room door. “Yes, Doctor she’s gone. No he was unhurt, he just fainted from grief and lack of food. I’m on my way to check on him now.”

I noticed my chair across the room from my bed and a board on an adjacent chair. I bridged the gap between the chair and the bed with the board and used my arms to slide along it soon, I was in the chair.

“Well done, human, you are a clever meat bag.

I heard the growl in my ear as clear as a bell and it scared me. I jumped out of my skin. “What the hell was that?”

“Me,” the Kachina said. My head almost split.

“Foolish meat bag. Don’t you remember your vision quest?”

“The dream, so it was real?”

“Of course it was real, you stupid meat bag do you doubt your own mind?”

”My head almost split in half and my mind shuddered with the Wolfs angry growl

“Argh!” I screamed

Doctor McKenna rushed into the room. “Jack are you alright?”

“Who er what?” I asked.

“Are you okay?” She asked.


“Um alright. Well Jack.”

“Cainus,” I interrupted, “I’m Cainus.”

“Why the name change?”

“With all that’s going on, life brought out the wolf in me.”

She blinked, bemused by my response. To tell the truth, so was I. I felt kind of odd since the dream. I felt like I was truly awake for the first time. Everything seemed sharper, clearer. Smells, seemed more intense. I was hungry and had to fight an urge to salivate. I wanted meat, badly. I craved it like I craved nothing else before. “I want steak.” I said.

Doctor McKenna was a little surprised but agreeable, “Sure” she said “Are you All right?”

“I’m fine I said. Just Hungry”

“Well let’s take care of that.” She said.

The Steak was lovely. Dr. McKenna had one brought in. I attacked it ravenously. I demolished it in just under twelve seconds.

“Um wow.” Said the doctor, are you sure you’re Okay?”

“Sure, check me out if you’re not sure.”

Of course, she did.

“You seem fine.”

“There’s something I’d like to talk about.”


“Was there a silver Orb next to Jessica’s body?”

“Yes”, she produced it from her pocket and set it down on a table next to the bed.

“Please,” I requested, “Press the red button on top.”

She gasped at what she saw.

“I and my friends have been giving you intelligence for months now. When will you give us the formula?”

“Just a few more tasks.” Said Simbano.

I heard my voice on the tape screaming with rage, then. I remembered I couldn’t kick myself and wanted to punch myself.

“How dare they?” said the doctor, she was mad enough to spit nails, “How dare they?”

For a moment I simply watched Doctor McKenna. Her eyes were bigger then boulders and bright with anger. It seemed, almost, to set the room afire. It lightened, as if darkness itself was fearful to be in her presence. I watched her wrestle with her anger. Her face was contorted with wrath. If I didn’t step in, she would be consumed by a fire she didn’t know how to control.

As I watched her sputter and stammer with ill-concealed rage, I noticed a strange duality within myself. It felt as if I had opened a cave in the back of my mind. One where I kept frustration, anger, violence, dark forbidden feelings that a man likes to keep hidden. Sometimes, even from himself. Nevertheless, as I watched Doctor McKenna hiss, scream and yell, I heard a soft, growling, voice whisper to me from that mental cave.

“My, what a loud voice she has. It makes me want to eat her.”

I looked behind me and noticed eyes as red flame peer at me from the darkness.

“When can we hunt?” The wolf whined impatiently.

“Be patient,” I admonished the beast within me, “Before we hunt we must have a proper weapon. This woman can give it to us.

“As you wish,” said the wolf, “But be quick about it, I hunger.”

I used a herculean mental effort to banish the wolf to his cave. But I felt like I could feel his hot breath upon the back of my neck when I spoke. “I’m angry too, doctor, but what can we do about it? I don’t know who to trust in the department.”

“If there’s a mole in the Police Department?” Said the doctor. “There’s probably moles in City Hall.”

“Probably”, I concurred, “still there has to be something we can do”

“We’ll have to take matters into our own hands.” Doctor McKenna said.

“Are you afraid of the Animen, Julianna?” I asked.


“Me too but they’re not afraid of us, and they won’t be because they have informants with the cops.”

“What do you want to do, um, Cainus?”

“We need to make them afraid too. They’d be afraid if one pf their own was working against them.”

“You want to become an Animan?” She was flabbergasted.

“No, not exactly.” I told her what I wanted to do. She smiled with understanding, but caution veiled her eyes.

The plan was simple, and profound, straight forward and complex. The plan was to build a fighting exho-skeleton out of Doctor Mckenna’s invention. I could tell Julianna wasn’t sanguine about our chances but would go along if it would stop the Animen and Chimera. I felt a wolfish grin, caress my lips like a lover as I saw the first stage of my plan for vengeance brought to fruition. Life would be hell without Jessica, hell for me, and hell for the Animen. If I must live in hell, by God, I would rule there.

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