CyberWolf: The Whelping

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Planning and Plotting

Plans and plots take money. Lots of money. My pension wouldn’t cover it. So, I stole some money, about one billion dollars to be precise, thanks to the computer and hacking skills I’d acquired in my youth. . I adopted the on-line persona of Cyberwolf and was able to pinpoint the on-line addresses that the Animen were using to store their Ill-gotten gains. One billion dollars, which I used to finance a company; Kachina industries with CEO, Doctor Juliana McKenna. We invested in technology to clean the environment: such as particulates to scrub pollution from the air, and efficient solar panels and hydro-panels. I would transfer some profits to a private fund that I would use to finance my real enterprise. The one that stoked the obsessive fire within my broken, and fractured soul but lit my life with the bright light of purpose, which provided me with energy enough to fuel my righteous crusade. Besides money, I also needed allies and intelligence.

One night after a late board meeting, with my brain trying to recover from the inane chatter of talking heads, during the darkest part of the night with the sway of darkness, moon, shadow and fear working in dreadful concert, I rescued Lab-Rat from a slum filled with Animen in Capital hill. Apparently, some mean spirited soul, me, tipped off Simbano and the rest of his freaks on where to find him. It felt like a scene from an old gangster movie. Lab-rat ran down Broadway. We’d been stopped at a corner, I opened the door, grabbed lab rat by the tail and pulled him, hard into the car. “Remember me, friend?”

“You took me to the safe house.”

“Yes.” I said,

“Why are you here now?”

I cloaked my voice with a questioning lilt. “Tell me my friend, do you still hate the Animen?’


I smiled the way a wolf might smile at a deer. “Oh, Edward”, I sighed with delight, “The things we shall do together.”

I gathered some intelligence agents using a cyberwolf holcast.. I would break into the entertainment bands and spread messages about the nefarious activities of the Animen, a robbery here, a beating there and I stoked public outrage like a furnace. But that was not enough. I wanted to smell their fear and drink it in like water. To do that, I needed to cloak myself in terror and nightmare. I needed to put fear in the Animen. I smiled slyly. I knew how I could do that.

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