Family Matters

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Imagine you participate in directed regression where you can actually observe events in your own life, and then imagine you can alter them. And then imagine you can influence history. Be afraid! Family Matters is a novel that explores the possibilities that could open up if, during an experiment of deep regression to research family history, individuals with the right mind set could actually influence their ancestors in their actions to bring about a more harmonious relationship to their family history. The novel traces one man's quest to do just that but, in so doing, finds that he is able to slip between minds at will during regression sessions and influence world history as well, He is not alone, however, two other characters undergoing the experiment alongside him find that they are also able to 'time travel' - but they are not so charitably inclined as he is. Add to this the fact that the private experiment conducted as part of a university research programme, has also attracted the attention of world powers and the scene is set for a frightening glimpse of the future ... or no future at all.

Scifi / Drama
Malcolm Twigg
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People tell me they have always considered me a bit ‘fey’, whatever that means. It’s not something I have really thought about myself. I am what I am. Certainly, I have sometimes known what was coming before it happened, but no more so, I suspect, than those who actually take note of their situation and surroundings and extrapolate the likely outcome. I do like to remain aware, but on the other hand, I suppose I could be accused of living inside my own head sometimes. A bit of a loner? Yes. Anti social? I hope not. I like company as much as the next person, but I do like to choose my friends carefully, if only because past experience has taught me the value. A good friend is a friend for life; a fickle friend is not worth having. And, as for family, that is well worth cultivating. I say this for good reason, because I have never really known mine, not in the deeply conscious sort of way that reaches into the soul. Which is why I originally started to research my family tree, looking for a handle, I suppose - and why I embarked on this journey that I hoped would both focus my mind on my own situation and further the advances of science at the same time.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit H. G. Wells or Edgar Allan Poe, but what might have been fantasy to them 100 years ago has long become scientific probability - or even fact - and for someone even remotely interested in understanding the rules of the universe (if there are any in this insane world we appear to inhabit), then the future of science becomes almost orgasmic in its propensity. Nowhere more so than in the reaches of the mind. I have always been interested in psychology: one phrase from the discipline has always stuck in my mind since reading it in a set of encyclopedias my parents were pressured into buying: ‘ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny’ or, in layman’s terms, the advancement of the individual mirrors the historic advancement of the species, or words to that effect. I rolled those words around my tongue endlessly. For some reason, despite their initial obscurity, they had a profound effect on the mind of a curious 11 year-old and the study of the human mind as well as family research became abiding interests. Which is why I volunteered for an experimental programme of in-depth genealogy at the local university, part of which involved deep hypnosis. I hoped that it would lead to some revelations that would give me a bit more purpose in life. I was not to know in what direction those revelations would take me.

I am aware, as I read these words back, that there is a sense of profundity - even awe - in what I have written, but that only reflects the enormity of the experiment I underwent at the hands of Professor Logan. I don’t quite know how to recount this. Perhaps I should start with our meeting. And I think, given the events that unfolded, it must take the form of a journal.

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