Fifth Avenue

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With a group of twisted maniacs after Hartley and trying to understand her current situation she finds herself longing for the days when being bullied was the worst of her problems. Hartley is an unusual girl, in an unusual world, living in the orphanage and trying to fit in seemed to be the worst of her problems until she meets a group called Fifth Avenue. With a group of twisted maniacs now after her and trying to understand her current situation she finds herself longing for the days when being bullied was the worst of her problems. First book in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy

Scifi / Fantasy
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“Hartley” the doctor called “Hartley” a small girl with light blue hair looks up to the woman with questioning eyes “Hartley are you ready to begin our session?” the woman asks pushing up her glasses and staring into the poor girl’s dead eyes.

“Begin?” she whispers, “I thought we’d already begun” the girl looks back down to her white dress pulling at the weak material. “What do you want me to say?” she asks.

“Whatever you want, something that you will find okay to tell me” the doctor says letting a small smile break onto her rough face. “Now begin from when you first started to notice you were…” the doctor trailed off not sure what to call her said abilities.

“Different” Hartley said looking through her long blue hair “I had no idea, I thought I was just like everyone else until I met, them” Hartley lets a sad smile break onto her face. “It started four years ago, I still lived in the orphanage…”.

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