Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Ten

That night Hartley passes out lying over the maps, Flutter and Flicker were cuddled up on the nearest sofa and Whisper was slumped in his chair with his book covering his face.

Trix quietly steps into the room making sure all of her teammates were asleep before shaking the car keys from Hartley’s pocket and walking to the car.

Flicker opens one eye and softly moves Flutter off of him following Trix on his motorbike as she drove to the old gym, he parks outside and watches her as she spoke to herself before walking through the big doors.

He curses and pulls out speeding back to the base.

Trix steps into the gym quietly and was met with nothing but darkness as she entered, she put her arms forward so she wouldn’t hit a wall but as she stepped forward she was met by something warm and soft.

All the lights switched on and Trix saw her hands-on Justin’s arm, he was smirking at her “Oh no” she whispers scaredly, all the colour draining from her face.

“Oh, no indeed” he chimes, Justin’s English accent somehow making the words sound even more menacing than they were. Roughly he grabs her arm and pulls her into a sketchy looking room. “Now we can do this, one of three ways” he says “one you can tell me where my old boss is and I’ll let you and your boyfriend go” he walks down the hall and when he reaches his designated room his pushes her in.

Trix lands on her face and whines at the newly acquired scratches “Two, I torture you a little and I make you scream it to me” he laughs gripping her hair and pulling her to a window where he smashes her face into it “or my personal favourite” he muses and leans in to her car “option there, I torture your little boyfriend and make you watch” Trix looks through the window and let out a strangled sob as she sees Doc.

His eyes were covered with a now dinted metal blindfold, his arm tied behind his back and his head hanging down with blood dripping from his mouth.

He walks her in and sits her in a chair across from Doc “are you okay?” she asks worriedly, Doc raises his head and looks to Trix emotionlessly.

“Yikes, this relationship looks a little bit one sided to me” Justin chuckles “so what option do you chose cutie?” he asks and Trix scowls.

“Bite me” Justin’s smile dropped slightly and he slaps her.

He grabs her face and makes her look to him “Kind of hoped you’d say that” Justin releases her face and stalks over to a table picking up something that looked like a barbed knife “this is the one” he says proudly as he turns to Doc.

Without any hesitation, he drags the knife across Doc’s arm making him grit his teeth in pain. “Stop it” Trix sobs but Justin just stabs the knife into Doc’s leg and pulls it out allowing the blood to pour spill from the fresh wound, Doc never screamed he kept his teeth gritted together and his eyes squeezed shut, not giving Justin the satisfaction of hearing his screams.

Justin goes to cut him again but Trix screams for him to stop “Please” she begs, now crying “I’ll tell you anything just stop hurting him” Justin smiles and walks over to Trix with the blood coated knife resting it against Trix’s cheek.

“Wisdom” he sneers “Where is she”

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