Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Eleven

Flicker rushed into the base and screamed for everyone to wake up, Hartley shot up along with Flutter and Whisper, everyone was in fighting stances “Trix went after Doc” he says panting “she” he coughs “she went when she thought we were sleeping”

Hartley groans running her hands down her face “well they’ve got her there, that isn’t even a question” she says tiredly.

Before anyone could say anything all the lights in the base flicker before blowing “Shit” Flutter whispers “okay everyone split, but be ready, they have a teleporter on team so they could be anywhere” she orders.

Everyone nods and splits, Flicker took upstairs at the bowling alley, Flutter went towards the training rooms, Whisper went to the bedrooms and Hartley headed towards the cell rooms.

When walking down the hall she hears whispering coming from behind the metal door and once again she presses her ear against it.

‘Didn’t I shoot you?’ Wisdom’s voice asks.

‘Technically you shot this body’ Justin replies ‘You stabbed me through the chest’

Wisdom chuckles ‘Tech?’ she asks ‘murder or rescue?’

Hartley had, had enough of listening and she pushes the door open making both Justin and Wisdom look at her “didn’t we talk about ease dropping being rude Hartley” muses Wisdom.

“Rescue” Justin tells Wisdom “You really need to improve your security, anybody could break in” he jokes making Hartley grow angered.

“Why are you saving her?” she asks “Kit, Tech or Justin either way she killed you!” Justin chuckles wiping false tears from his eyes.

“True” he admits “and I have to admit it hurt, a lot, and for a little while I have to admit I was beyond angry but after a while I realised she had a purpose in killing me” Justin smiles “she knew somebody with my abilities couldn’t be so easily killed, Wisdom knew I would become something so much more”

Justin looks to Hartley with a smirk “You know Hartley” he says happily “your friend is still in here, Kit too, both of them scratching away in here, fighting for control” he chuckles “but they are both so weak” Hartley’s hair turns dark red and she goes to raise her hands.

“I don’t think so” he says pulling a gun from his waistband and pointing it to her, his finger hovering over the trigger “On your knees” he orders and she complies “hair colour” he says angrily “go back to blue” Hartley closes her eyes and soon it turns back to ice blue before she opens them again, glaring at him as he smiled at her “now beg for your life” he laughs, obviously happy with himself.

Hartley lets a smile of her own go over her face “Never” she replies which makes Justin growl.

“I said beg!” he cocks back the gun and Hartley smiles.

“Never” she repeats “I will never beg, not for the likes of you” she says cheerfully.

Wisdom leans over to Justin “we no longer need her” she tells him “dispose of her, would you?” Justin smiles.

“Gladly” he says. Justin moves close to Hartley pointing the gun at her forehead, she smiles up at him and moves her hand up to his hand touching it.

His eyes go foggy and he gets a flash of memories.

Hartley was crying in a room and Justin ran to her side hugging her tightly and kissing her forehead “It’s okay” he whispers “I’ll never let anyone hurt you again” he says wiping away her tears “ever...”

Justin squeezes his eyes closed as two tears roll down his cheek “do it” Wisdom eggs and Justin nods pressing down on the trigger.


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