Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Twelve

Flutters head shoots up as she hears the shot and she runs into the hall where she sees Flicker and Whisper “You hear that as well?” she asks and they both nod.

“It came from the cell block” Flicker says and all three begin to run “what are the chances of the shot coming from Hartley’s gun?” he yells but nobody replies.

As they reach the room they saw Justin and Wisdom standing, Justin held a gun in his trembling hand and the team followed where his eyes seemed to be glued.

Hartley lay on the ground, her eyes were half open and her neck was covered in dark red blood, she wheezes and Flutter runs to her side “What’d you do to her?” she asks horrified.

Wisdom cackles and grabs Justin’s hand “take me home” she says cheerfully. Justin drags his eyes from Hartley’s body, his eyes noticeably change from blue to brown as he looks to her, he smiles wiping his face with his free hand “Toodles” she waves and they vanish.

Flutter looks back to Hartley “we need to get her upstairs” she says in a worried tone, Flicker and Whisper help carry Hartley up to her room where they lay her on the mattress “she’s still breathing so that’s a good thing” Flutter says worriedly “look we should wrap this up” she says covering the bleeding wound with her hand “but other than that I have no idea, but she is losing a lot of blood, if we don’t get Doc back soon...” she stops looking down “I-I don’t think she’ll make it”

“Damnit to hell” Flicker curses kicking the wall hardly.

Hartley begins to mutter something which nobody could understand, in her dream a man with glowing red eyes and an evil smile, whose body was covered in darkness whispered to her “Come to me” he kept saying, and she felt almost compelled to comply.

Flutter went to leave the room but Hartley’s arm shot up grabbing her hand tightly “d-don’t go” she pants weakly “he wants me to go with him, I don’t want to go” Hartley’s eyes roll back and she passes out.

“What was that all about?” Flicker asks as Flutter pry’s Hartley’s hand from hers.

“I don’t know but by the sounds of it she’s getting worse, we need to hurry” she says worriedly before dragging both Whisper and Flicker out of the room “I have a plan, its not a good one, but it’s all we’ve got” she says nodding as if convincing herself it’ll work.

Flicker opened the door to the gym roughly and marches in “Give me my team back!” he screams loudly “I am not leaving until I have Doc and Trix by my side, you mark my very words!”

“Stop screaming!” a voice says boredly and Candii walks out slowly “it’s really hurting my ears” she whines and looks him up and down “Your pretty darn good looking” she compliments in a surprised tone “Now don’t get wrong, I’m a taken woman and my honey boo is quite enough for me so I won’t bother taking my gloves off but I would appreciate an explanation as to why your fine self comes into my work place yelling and screaming like a bloody mad man”

Flicker smiles “Just came to grab my friends, I will be happy to leave as soon as I have them with me” this makes Candii pout.

“But I’m not ready to let my friends leave, we haven’t even given each other makeovers yet” she then looks around the room “where is the rest of your team?” she pauses noticing the dry blood which coated his clothes.

“I came alone, see one of your boys came in and shot my very good friend, so the team had to hang back and you know, make sure she doesn’t die” he explains and Candii nods.

“Wait” she says as her face hardens “Hartley, was Hartley the one to hey shot?” Flicker nods and she lets out an angry cry “that bastard promised me and my darling could be the ones to rid her” Candii growls angrily.

Flicker checks his watch and yawns boredly “Don’t mean to be rude or anything but I am kind of running on a schedule here” he says closing his eyes and splitting into six versions of himself.

Although his power seems cool to others Flicker didn’t have enough control of it for it to be useful, he could split into multiple versions of himself but those versions were a mere reflection of him, they couldn’t actually cause a person bodily harm. Thankfully nobody but him and his teammates knew that.

“Well shoot” Candii pouts raising her hands up as all the Flicker’s pointed a gun at her “I mean, don’t shoot but ah- well you know” she sighs.

Overhead Flutter carried Whisper, her large wings straining slighting due to the lack of use “Okay are you sure you’re okay with this?” she asks him, not verbally answering Whisper just nods.

Flutter silently counts down before closing her eyes and throwing Whisper. He covers his face and brings his knees to his chest as he dove through the glass window, once inside he rolled to a stop, only getting minor scratches from the glass/

Silently he passed by empty room after empty room only stopping when Wisdom limped out with her new golden leg “Don’t scream” he speaks, his voice soft and sooth sounding almost enchanting “Go back to your room and get some rest, you are feeling very tired” Wisdom looks to Whisper with a dazed expression before turning and walking back into her room.

Letting out aa breath he continued to walk down the hall until he passed an open room where he saw Trix chained to a wall, her body was bruised and Whisper could hear her silent sobs.

He runs to her and she looks up with red eyes, her face lighting up as she sees him “Whisper” she cries in joy “please get me out of here, I can’t break the lock” she pleads and Whisper nods reaching his hands up and holding the cold chains in his hands.

“This might help” Flutter says walking in behind him and throwing a bone saw, which she grabbed from the table behind them. He turned and caught the handle checking that the blade was sharp “hurry, I don’t think Flicker can hold them off for much longer” she urges and Whisper nods.

The saw blade drags along the silver chains until they drop to the floor “we have to get Doc” Trix says rubbing her sore wrists “follow me, I know where to find him” Trix leaves the room and she runs back down the hall not bothering to make sure anyone was following her “he’s in here” she says in a quiet tone.

Trix moves her hand over the padlock on the door handle, her eyes glow purple and the lock busts “yahtzee” she whispers pushing open the door. “Doc!” she yells running to his side and untying his hand from behind his back “come on” she pleads “please be okay” she reaches up and removes the blindfold.

Doc’s eyes move to her “alright” he says pulling himself up and placing his hand over his wounds, healing himself “Come here” he ushers and Trix steps forward her face glowing red “um, mind my touch” he says placing his hand on her stomach, she shivers slightly and Doc heals all of her wounds.

“Oh Jesus” Flicker says walking in, Doc steps back from Candii ” when you kids are ready, we should probably be on our way” he says leaving the room quickly and meeting up with Flutter and Whisper in the hall.

Doc steps out and looks around “Where is Hartley?” he asks confused and Flutter, Flicker and Whisper all look down with guilty expressions.

“Look we can explain everything later, for now we should try and leave before-”

“Someone like me finds you?” Justin says cutting in, he stood at the end of the hall with Reaper, Candii and Wisdom.

Doc growls “You let her go” he accuses his team.

“Aw baby don’t blame them, they didn’t have a choice” Wisdom coos and Trix steps forward angrily clenching her fists together.

“Don’t call him that” she says in a dark tone.

Wisdom chuckles happily “you may be the girlfriend honey” she says with a smile “but I’m the wife” she raises her hand showing a large diamond ring on her finger

Trix growls but Flutter places her hand on her shoulder keeping her in place, Doc sighs boredly “Usually I would love to indulge in your cheap theatrics but I’ve had quite a big day filled with torture so...” he closes his eyes “I really just want to go home” Doc warns the team to get down and close their eyes tightly which they complied to. His eyes open wide and a blinding white light overtakes the room.

Shrill screams start from the other side of the hall, although he would never admit it Doc smiled at the sound of The Association screaming in pure pain “Hurry and get out!” he orders loudly “but anything you do DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES!” he feels his team waddle past him “hold the wall and let it guide you” he says.

He began to feel light headed from the power “I can’t hold this up for much longer” he says with obvious strain in his voice “make sure you get out before-” he groans and drops to his knees “before I stop”

“We’re out!” Flicker shouts loudly and Doc forces his eyes closed, knowing he would be too weak to walk Flutter grabbed Doc and flew form the room.

The Association all lay unconscious on the ground, blood dripping from their noses, ears, mouths and eyes. Weakly Justin pulled himself up and watched as Fifth Avenue escaped, a weird smile taking over his face.

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