Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Sixteen

Justin sat behind a desk staring boredly at the wall across from him, he had The Association on lockdown. They couldn’t be heard seen or noticed by Fifth Avenue because he knew he had pissed them off by taking Wisdom back.

He groans and rubs his face, the inner five-year-old in him itching to do something fun so he gets up and walks towards Wisdom’s office, where she had sat since Fifth Avenue attacked trying to devise her new plan. Justin knocked lightly and pushed open the door, when he peered inside he saw Wisdom hunched over her desk typing rapidly.

“Hello” he called lightly and Wisdom’s head shot up, immediately she closed all tabs open on her computer.

“What?!” she snaps angrily “I don’t have time to listen to you whine today so get out” Justin gulps and bravely steps into her room.

He puffs out his chest trying to make himself appear more scary and more brave, but ended in only looking like a pathetic puffer fish. “I want to know your new plan, I broke you out of the Fifth Avenue hideout don’t you think I deserve to be a part of it to, I mean I know you told Reaper and Candii”

Wisdom looks at Justin smiling before she stands up and strides over to him “I guess you did let me out” she whispers stroking his soft face “and I do owe you my life” Wisdom taps Justin’s nose “but, I’m not going to tell you anything” Wisdom’s hand runs down his face before gripping his neck tightly “you are just a little worm, a speck of dirt under my foot and I will not tell you anything until I want to, do you understand?” Wisdom speaks in a low and dangerous tone.

Justin nods and pushes back the tears which were forming in his eyes “I’m sorry” he chokes and Wisdom snarls dropping him to the floor. When Wisdom walked back to her desk Justin scrambled from the room and ran to where the exit was, needing air.

As he reached for the door handle, the door swung open causing him to fly back an slam into the wall behind him. Reaper walks through dragging his overly long limbs behind him “watch where you are going boy” he snarls.

Justin pulls himself off of the ground for the second time that day and looked over Reaper, blood soaked his clothes and coated his face “What the hell?” Justin says angrily as he walks up to Reaper and grabs his shirt, wet blood staining his hand as he does “I told you that we had to stay low, if Fifth Avenue finds out you ate another person” Justin’s voice turns fearful “if they stop Wisdom from finishing her cleanse of society what are we going to do, it will make everything we have worked for in the last few years useless, it will be worth nothing and it will be all your fault” Reaper narrows his eyes.

He pushes Justin back and slams him against the wall, his hand tightening against Justin’s neck. “Listen here and listen well, you may have been playing dress up pretending to be the big boss when Wisdom was away but it is just sad you think you actually hold any power over me, you may be wearing the body of a man but on the inside you are nothing but a sad and scared little boy” Justin’s legs cease there kicking and his face begins to turn purple “You hold no power over me and will never hold any power over me, if you think I won’t kill the guy who killed my girl then you have the wrong idea about me” Reaper releases Justin allowing him to fall to the ground.

He gasps loudly and rubs his sore neck “You killed your girl Reaper” Justin says hoarsely “You can blame that Whisper kid all you want but in the end she died by your hands” Reaper looks down to Justin, a flash of anger goes across his face but he smiles lightly.

“You have no place to be judging me, you take orders from the woman who killed you, you think she had better plans for you, that she knew that you would come back but you are no wrong” he chuckles “she killed you because she knew it would kill your twin and affect Fifth Avenue, your death was nothing but a distraction”

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