Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Nineteen

“I’m walking on sunshine, woooah and don’t it feel good” Flicker sang, his voice terribly pitched.

“Seriously Freddy, you need to stop before you kill Matthew and I” a pretty brunette says as she sat in the passenger seat beside Flicker who seemed to be driving, their friend, Matthew, sat in the centre of the back seat.

Flicker laughs “ah, Ali, babe you know you love my voice” he says winking, making the girl giggle.

“Freddy, I love everything about you, apart from your dreadful singing voice” Ali says pinching his cheek, Hartley smiled as she watched the couple’s interactions from beside their friend Matthew, in the back seat, although it became adamant to her the slur in their voices and the smell of the car that all three of them were drunk.

Flickers car slightly swerved on the long empty road “Guys stop before I puke” Matthew says jokingly holding his stomach but stops as he is thrown into where Hartley sat “Woah, dude maybe we should get an uber or something”

Flicker scoffs “Man up Matty” he laughs “I’m fine to drive, I drive better under the influence, everyone knows that” he swerves again, this time the tires screeching along the loose gravel.

“Babe please pull over” Ali begs but Flicker once again refuses, claiming that he was fine.

The car swerved wrongly and the car began to skid off road “Freddy!” Ali screamed in fear, Matthew doing the same. The car only coming to an abrupt stop as it smashed against a large oak tree.

Flickers head slammed his head against his door window and steering wheel knocking himself out. Ali slammed the side of her head into the dashboard, her eyes remained open, staring at her lover and their friend Matthew had flown through the front window as he didn’t wear a seat belt, the glass cutting him like scissors to ribbon.

Hartley remained and untossed through the whole thing, although she was shaking as she watched the crash happen.

Not too long after sirens sounded and both Flicker and Ali were moved into the same ambulance, there friend declared dead on scene. Hartley followed Flicker, interested to see what was going to happen next.

She sat at the edge of Flickers bed and watched as his eyes weakly opened, his head fell to the side where he saw Ali, although he did it silently, Hartley heard him whisper Ali’s name through the oxygen mask he wore tightly around his face.

His hand reaches for hers which dangled from her cart, as his hand touched hers the monitors connected to her flat-lined, the workers attempted to save her but Hartley knew deep down that Ali was gone.

The back of the ambulance flashes white and when it cleared Hartley found herself sitting beside Flicker in what looked to be a dive bar, his hair was overgrown and he stunk, bottles of beer could be seen littered around him.

“Flicker” she whispers sadly, reaching out to touch her friends shoulder, but to her dismay her hand fell straight through him.

A man wearing a dark suit, a slouched hat over the left side of his face and a glove on the same side whispers something into his ear, he lifts his hat slightly to show the burn on his face, Doc nods to him and walks off in the other direction.

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