Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Twenty Two

“No, no, no, no!” Justin screams as he paces “listen you promised me revenge, you promised us revenge!” Wisdom is moving around the room packing up her bags.

“Listen, kid” she says clearing her desk “we have the best plan, our last plan, everything is riding on this okay and with Shooter gone we have to get out of here, they cannot destroy this”

Justin grabs the vase which Wisdom was reaching for and threw it at the wall behind him smashing it “We don’t need plan b!” he shouts “we can destroy humanity without it, just reboot the system” Justin offers “you promised me I could kill Doc” his voice now returned to the angered tone.

Wisdom sighs and rolls her eyes “Listen, sweetie” she says with a strained smile “I lied, Doc is mine, my husband so he will be my kill, you were never going to get to kill him” Wisdom grabs Justin’s cheeks “such a shame” she sighs as her hand runs down his chest “you are so darn cute”

“No” he whispers “he killed us! He took my brother away and he killed all three of us”

Wisdom snorts “I killed you” she tells him as she walked back to her bag.

“But you knew!” he says somewhat proudly “you knew I would come back as something better, something stronger” Justin puffs out his chest.

She flings her bag onto her back “No honey” she sighs “I killed you because I knew it’d kill your brother, I needed to hurt Fifth Avenue and you were the only way to get to them” Wisdom smiles “you coming back just proved to be nothing but a distraction and if I didn’t need to keep Doc distracted as you hacked his info over plan B we would have been gone years ago!” as she spoke her voice rose angrily “Now either join us or leave, it doesn’t matter” Wisdom storms from the room as she finishes leaving Justin both angry and humiliated.

“It’s all a lie!” he cries chasing after her “you’ve lied to all of us and you have no regrets?” Justin goes to push Wisdom but Reaper grabs him and slams him against the nearest wall.

Reaper leans into Justin “don’t hit her” he seethes and Justin gives him a lazy grin.

“Why don’t you make me” he chuckles “you’re going to protect Wisdom” Justin says sarcastically “you couldn’t even protect your girlfriend” Reapers eyes cloud over and he growls showing his razor blade teeth.

“You don’t know what you’re saying!” he yells slamming his head into a wall, angered all Reaper saw was red as he continued to beat Justin, even once Justin was knocked unconscious he continued to throw merciless kicks and punches at the boy’s face and body.

“Reaper” Wisdom warns “Don’t kill the boy” Reaper growls and walks from Justin…

When Justin came to, a couple of hours later everyone and everything was gone. His team had abandoned him.

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