Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Seven

Doc spat the blood from his mouth although he was currently blinded he knew exactly who was in the room and where they were. Shooter was standing in the far corner most likely tightly gripping his gun, nervously. Reaper was standing to his left screaming useless treats while Candii was at Reapers side egging on her lovers attempts.

“Tell us where you’re keeping her!” reaper yells slamming his hands onto a table that stood in front of Doc.

He simply smiled and replied just as he did every other time he was asked the question “wouldn’t have a clue” and just as Reaper did every time Doc replied like that, he raised his right hand and punched him somewhere he knew would hurt.

Doc didn’t cry out in pain, he didn’t wince or even react in any other way than laughter to this feeble attempt in gaining information from him “tell me or I swear to hades I will take this glove off and you can give him a good ole hello for me” Reaper says causing Doc to sigh boredly.

“Son I haven’t been afraid to die for a very long time so I beg of you please do me a favour and reap my soul, do it” Doc challenges and Reaper gulps not expecting Doc to have such a bold confidence.

A small amount of wind blow past Doc and his smile slightly grew “Kit how nice of you to join us” Justin chuckles and sits himself across from Doc.

“You’re good, I’ll give you that” Justin says leaning forward “But I’m not Kit” he whispers before looking to the others in the room “Could I have some privacy with Doc here, please” although they had slight hesitation they followed his orders.

Unable to stop himself Doc adds a comment before they are out of the room “you have them well trained” Justin snickers and Reaper hits him across the head before leaving the room. “So, who could you be if not Kit?” Doc asks curiously making Justin laugh.

“You’re the smart guy, you tell me” he says in pure humour “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

Doc clears his throat “well if you aren’t Kit, nor could you be Justin the only other person you could be is” he pauses to add affect “Kit’s twin brother, Tech”

“BINGO!” Justin cheers throwing his arms into the air in celebration “well sort of” he shrugs “I mean technically Kit is here” he admits “So is Justin, but they’re weak so I get control of the body” Justin smirks.

Doc leans forward as far as he could with his hand tied to the chair “my team is going to find you” he says confidently making Justin laugh and also lean in.

“Why Doc” he says tauntingly “that’s what we’re waiting for”

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