Fifth Avenue - The Replacements

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Chapter Nine

Hartley bites down onto Reaper’s hand making him pull it away from her growling “you ate him” she says disgusted

“Ate who?” Reaper chuckles “I eat a lot of people pet, how do you think I stay looking this young?” he grabs Hartley by her hair pulling her back to him “You should remember” he says his free hand moving against a scar he knew he had done.

She shakes her head “No, no, no you ate him” she says horrified “you ate him because he killed her” she stops “he killed Emerson” Reaper forced Hartley to look at him.

“What’d you say?” he says angrily but Hartley doesn’t say anything “What did you say” he orders, but this time louder.

Hartley breathes in heavily “The man killed your daughter, Emerson” she says in pain “he shot you too, you ate him alive, I can” she sobs “I can still here his screams”

“How can you-” Hartley closes her eyes and when she opens them they flicker red, focusing her power she presses her lips to his, temporarily confusing him before her hand heated up and she pressed it against his cheek burning it.

He curses throwing her into a wall touching the fresh and sizzling burn on his cheek “You idiot” he curses and she closes her eyes again, this time her hair goes pink and she forces the air to slam him into the nearest wall.

“Where is Doc?” she asks angrily “tell me!” Reaper chuckles murderously making her even more angry.

Candii enters the room with Whisper following slowly behind her, a gun positioned against her back “Doc is in the old gym down on Simmons Street, in the very back room” Candii says angrily and Whisper leans forward whispering something into her ear.

When he was done, she fell to the ground unconscious “What’d he do to her?” Reaper screams but the wind was still pushing him against the wall “I’ll kill you” he threatens and Whisper looks to him “I know you” he says angrily “you’re the little fag boy, aren’t you?”

Whispers face tightens and he stalks towards Reaper and Whispers something into his ear, Reapers head drops and Hartley stops the winds and he drops to the ground. Whisper turns him over and leans down carving the word ‘FAG’ across his chest before leaning down and whispering something into his ear, kissing Reaper’s pale cheek when he was done.

Hartley smiles slightly and pulls Whisper from the building calling the team to follow, in the car Hartley explains they are hiding behind her old gym.

“No way, they would just give up that information so easily” Flicker says.

’It has to be a trap” Flutter agrees “we’ll get back to base and come up with a plan there” she says and everyone nods.

Trix speaks up “we can’t just leave him there!” she exclaims loudly “they’ll kill him!” she says angrily.

“we can’t just run into the gym with no plans Trix, that’s what they want” Hartley says annoyed making Trix sit back angrily.

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