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Divided House Book 1: The Brink

By Deleted User All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


It is 2432 AD and mankind has spread itself to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. When manned space flight began in the late 20th century, it was a luxury for only the wealthiest nations. By the 21st, however, the rise of private space travel enterprises brought about an expansion of both technology and the human race’s colonial reach. The first colonies rose on the Moon and eventually led to the construction of space habitats at LaGrange Points, regions of orbital stability relative to the positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Next came Mars, then corporate expansion to the Asteroid Belt, then finally the arrival of colonists at Jupiter and points further still.

Of the many problems that followed man’s expeditions into the unknown, the largest was the ever-weakening authority of colonial states and the United Nations over law enforcement in the colonies. Things carried on in this way for almost three hundred years, until the collapse of the UN and many other global superpowers into global war beginning in 2371. The resulting chaos on Earth and in the colonies contributed to not only the weakening of Earth’s military and civil power—most resources were redirected to fighting rebels on Earth itself, to the detriment of the space colonists—but also the formation of a new interim government to fill the power vacuum left beyond the Belt: the Free Alliance of Colonies and Exterior Territories.

After nearly fifty years, the Reunification War on Earth finally came to end in 2419 with the formation of the United Earth League. In the preceding decades, however, FACET and overall colony populations exploded from just short of a million to almost fifteen billion people living in space, due to both the mass of refugees escaping Earth, and forced emigration policies enacted both before and after Reunification. In addition, the lack of military presence from Earth in the Exterior Colonies led FACET to begin its own military expansion into mankind’s farthest-flung outposts.

Though the Earth and the Interior Colonies were again unified under a single government, they were nowhere near as strong as they once had been. Since the end of the war, the newly commissioned UEL peacekeeping fleet begins to reassert itself in the Interior in order to revitalize trade with Earth and increase its own power. At the same time, FACET seeks to solidify its hold on Exterior colonies left without Earth fleet support for nearly sixty years. When these two powers meet again, tensions rise accordingly and remain seemingly at the edge of conflict for decades.

In 2432, near the system’s largest trade hub on Ceres, the long-standing cold war between Earth and the Exterior Colonies finally reaches the point of open war when a secret FACET envoy is ostensibly attacked by UEL agents. Though Earth categorically denies involvement, the inevitable result is that men and women on both sides are drawn into the largest war humanity has ever known. Heroism and atrocity exist in equal measure on both sides. The only thing that will decide this war is the actions of individual soldiers, fighting not only for their own survival but also for those they love.

Valeca Florn is only one of these soldiers, thrust into war against an enemy she has never known, carried out on a scale which mankind could never imagine.

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