Warped In A Black Hole

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"The old lady's right."

A voice spoke to my ears.

"Whoa! What's with the mind-talking? Who are you?"

"Are you okay Theo?", Grey worried.

"Someone's talking to my head. She's using her telepathy."

"All of us with the mark are this planet's threat. They lock us all here to save this planet-- Blandor.", the woman spoke in my head the second time.

"Okay. Keep mind-talking to me."

"Jezzel must have been mind-talking to you Theo, isn't she?", Laura said.

"You're right old Laura. And she said you were right about us being a threat to this planet."

"All of the living creatures across the universe that posses the mark are all warped by Drak and be brought to other planets that seemed to have the absence of the marked people, including Blandor. Where here in Blandor, we're all locked out inside this dome. Drak only comes to those planets that has marked people, and that every planet has at least 1 and at most 2 persons with the mark.", Jezzel explained.

"Which means Drak is going to destroy all of the planets in the universe?", I said.

"No. I said, those planets that weren't inhabited by marked people are being ignored by Drak.", Jezzel said.

"But you just spoke about the fact that every planet has at least 1 and at most 2 marked people, how are you going to explain that?", I wondered.

"Okay. To make it clearer, those planets might have locked, concealed or worse, executed the marked people. They must have been informed about Drak, and of the marked ones. In order to keep their planet safe.", Jezzel explained further.

"How did they acquire such information?"

"Through communication with other planets. This process requires the highest form of technology advancement, and that this planet Blandor has already achieved that years ago. There was this planet Gyra which determined the existence of Drak and about the marked ones. The Gyrans are the first creatures to be able to save their kind for years by hiding Jhynn and Thyss from Drak. They were able to contact other planets about Drak and how can they avoid Drak's terror. Until then, a marked one appeared on their planet named Hect, from the planet Trest. This gave them the hint that when a planet gets swallowed by a black hole, the marked people that once lived there is being transported to other planets that don't seem to have them. So they locked Hect together with Jhynn and Thyss. Not until the day where they weren't able to save planet Gyra. And today, Gyra don't exist anymore. And Hect, Jhynn and Thyss must have been transported to another planet, but impossible that they still exist today. Marked ones are not immortal. They're going to die still. We are going to die.", Jezzel said.

I wasn't able to digest all of the facts that I've heard from Jezzel. I just can't seem to believe everything that she have said.

"This mark must have been cursed.", I thought.

"Yes. To cleanse the universe.", Laura said.

"What? That Drak's existence was to cleanse the universe? No way! How about my Mom? How about Jeanne and Tyler?", I blurted.

"Calm down Theo.", Grey said to calm me down.

Grey then hugged me on my back and it caused me to pause.

"Tell me what that Jezzel mind-talked with you. I'll just listen.", Grey said.

As I was about to tell Grey about what Jezzel have told me.

"Let me do the honor."

A husky voice roamed the whole dome. It was the old Rouald.

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