Warped In A Black Hole

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Drak's Creator

A hologram appeared right at the dome's entrance showing Rouald's face. Everyone in the dome faced the hologram as if ready to listen what he's going to say.
"Welcome to Blandor, newly arrived marked ones..." Rouald said in his old voice, sounded proud for keeping a lot of marked ones so far in its dome. "and to the rest of you."
"Cut it out Rouald. We're already fed up being locked out here.", a man's voice from the farthest corner sounded aloud.
"You don't know how much we've missed the sun outside! Did you know that gray was once my favorite color not until I was used to always see the gray scaffolding and walls of this dome?", someone spoke, maybe near Laura's square.
And everyone spoke. A chorus of complaints and rallies were given to Rouald. I can't believe I'm hearing a lot of voices. I can't seem to see them but only the chairs. And that Rouald only spoke just 2 words to me earlier, but now, he just welcomed us with complete sentences.
"There are a lot of us here in the dome Theodore. You must have already known that.", Jezzel spoke to Theo's ears unexpectedly.
"Ugh! You're still there Jezzel? I'd just like to ask something."
"Now's the great time for that Theo. What was it?", Jezzel said.
"Remember what I mentioned earlier about Rouald? That he just spoke to me with his limited 2 word conversations? Then why...", as I was about to complete my concern to Jezzel, everyone's squares sounded with pounding. All of the marked ones were on their hands pounding on the force field protecting the squares. I wasn't able to catch up with what Rouald was talking about.
"I won't be able to entertain your questions with your chorus questions. I can't understand any of your concerns. And I can't blame you about the feelings that you're having for being locked out in this dome. It's for Blandor's safety and survival."
Then the dome's entrance opened up. The blinding light from the sun made two silhouettes. It stole everyone's attention from Rouald's face on the hologram.
"I'm sorry High Rouald for I have failed. I wasn't able to drag this marked one. Instead, he dragged me here.", said the Blandoran guard.
"Hect!", Rouald shouted.
"Great to see you again Rouald. Or shall I say, Drak's creator.", Hect said.

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