Warped In A Black Hole

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The Truth

I wasn't expecting Hect's appearance. I thought he was already dead. Jezzel mentioned that. I'm not deaf to not catch that one in our conversations earlier.
"What do you mean by that Hect?", Rouald exclaimed. His face disrupted and seemed alarmed. "Please do get inside of the dome."
"You can't fool me Rouald.", Hect said. "Disable the force field now, Thyss.", mind-talked to Thyss. I can't believe it, Thyss is also alive. I'm wondering about Thynne.
The force fields that separate all of the dome squares were slowly dissolving, showing all of the other marked ones who seemed invisible seconds ago. There we're one or two marked ones to each of the squares. Jezzel was right all along.
"Bring yourselves out of the dome now!", Hect commanded.
"No!", Rouald rallied. Then the hologram went out.
I prepped myself for a run. I held Grey's left hand and managed to tilt my head to get a glimpse behind. There I saw old Laura. She is really old. I raised my left hand and gave her a come-with-us gesture.
"Let me come with you too.", it was Jezzel's voice. "I'm just four marked ones on the left from where you are."
And there she was. She's a child. So I signaled old Laura to follow and dragged Grey to where Jezzel is. I patted Jezzel's back with my left hand and pushed her for a run.
We headed out of the dome. It was dark outside, different from what it was minutes ago. Waiting was Hect, I met his eyes. Then saw his eyes turned to Jezzel. He came towards us running. He's now running with us but faster. Then he suddenly grabbed Jezzel and carried her. Why would he do that? He's running now so fast, and turned to the right.
"Help me Theo!", Jezzel screamed on my mind.
I don't know but I have to help Jezzel.
"Don't dare to come after us. This must end now. Drak must have to stop destroying more planets.", a man's voice talked in my mind. It was a familiar voice. It's Hect's.
"But why with Jezzel?"
"Jezzel is Rouald's daughter. She was there when Rouald created Drak." Hect explained. "She's the key for Drak's disappearance."

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