Warped In A Black Hole

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Drak's Last Terror

"Let us help you. We want this to end too.", I said.
"Now, run fast and follow me.", Hect said.
"We have to follow Hect!", I told Grey and old Laura.
"You go ahead. I'm too old for running long distances.", old Laura stopped and waved for us to go.
I looked at old Laura, catching her breath. Then she gave us a smile. I smiled back and waved.
"Take care!", I shouted to old Laura. I hope she heard it. Then we continued running after Hect.
"Help me Theo!", Jezzel mind-talked for the second time around.

"Calm down Jezzel. We're coming for you.", I said.

The place got darker. It must have been Drak. Drak must have noticed that there are a lot of marked ones here in Blandor. And Rouald must have been looking after his daughter and Hect.

We passed through big houses made with steel and glass, lit steel tunnels and at last, we arrived in front of a tall building. The tallest of all the buildings in the location. The entrance door was made of a blue transparent glass. It was opened slightly so Hect managed to openit completely for us.

"I think we need to hurry even when I don't really know what's happening Theo.", Grey said.

"I'm sorry Grey. I'll explain it all after we've ended this."

"I hope so Theo.", Grey worried.

I saw Grey's eyes getting teary. She looked right through me so I gave a smile to cheer her up a bit. And there, she smiled.

As we entered the building, Hect called someone.

"Thyss! Get us to the creation room.", Hect said.

"This way!", Thyss headed us up the stairs and to the left lobby. To the farthest elevator. "And who are these beings?"

I just noticed Hect's metallic right hand and Thyss' unusual eyewear. Designations from what planet they were born from.

We got ourselves inside the elevator and saw Thyss dialed 500 on the panel. 500th floor is where we're up to. Then the elevators door closed. Then opened up. I thought it would be a long waiting and a scary transport but it only took us a second. Incredible advancement of this planet.

Right in front of us was a hologram saying "Creation Room". Thyss went out of the elevator and said, "We're here."

We rushed inside with Thyss looking for the main control station and Hect putting Jezzel on a big vertical tube. Jezzel stared at me with her face filled with fear and sorrow.

"What are they going to do to me?", Jezzel asked me in my head. "Am I going to die?"

Then suddenly, I remembered my younger siblings, Jeanne and Tyler, and Mom. I remembered my last glimpses of their faces.

"What's going to happen with Jezzel?", I asked to Hect.

"I'm not sure but we're going to find out soon.", Hect replied.

"This is insane. How sure are you that this is going to work?", I complained. "How sure are you that this must be done?"

"Stop! You can't harm my daughter!", Rouald interrupted with his numerous Blandoran guards.

"Let her go or...", Rouald was about to say something more until the gravity got lighter.

"Not now Drak.", Rouald whispered.

"This is not good. Drak's getting closer right now.", I said.

Grey took a tighter hold of my right arm.

Then suddenly, we're floating 1 inch off the floor.

"Now!", Hect shouted.

Thyss took clicks on the keys and pushed a button.

"No!", Rouald screamed. Rouald paddled the air with his own arms just to get himself near to the tube where Jezzel was. Too late, the tube lit up and swallowed Jezzel.

And the gravity has totally depleted, and everything i site are floating. Lights flickered but not with the light that took Jezzel. The light from the tube got brighter and more painful in the eyes. I closed my eyes deeply.

Then slowly, the bright light died down. I opened my eyes. We're still floating. Then I turned to where the tube was. There I saw Rouald with Jezzel in his arms. He embraced her.

"This has nothing to do with Jezzel. Not until she put herself inside this tube when she was a child. It was all my fault.", Rouald said, with his husky voice but is breaking.

"I'm sorry Rouald. Maybe then Drak's terror has ended now. You've saved your kind. She saved your kind.", I said.

"No. It hasn't ended yet.", Rouald said.

Then that loud sound swarmed from the outside of the building, just same with what happened before Drak swallowed the Earth. It was unbearable in the ears that I can no longer hear any sound.

All of the building lights died down, with darkness all around. I reached for Grey's hands, relieved for she hasn't let go of my arms.

Then the loud sound muted.

"I might not have saved our kind, but maybe Jezzel will. She's the only marked one we have here in Blandor. If you'll be able to meet her on the other planet, please do take care of her.", Rouald said. "After all, Planet Blandor deserves the taste of Drak's last terror."

A flash of light lit the surrounding and found Rouald still with Jezzel in his arms. Then the light went out. Until that last flash of the brightest light, bringing my eyes to close.

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