Warped In A Black Hole

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Theodore Reemer

"So, what do you think happened next?", David asked.
"Hmm. I think they were brought to another planet. Probably their temporary planet.", Gene said.
"And that maybe Grey and Theo were still together. Jezzel should be with them!", Geyser suggested.
"Imagine how the Blandorans have lived for years. And since Rouald was the one who created Drak, they must have existed long before planet Gyra was born."
"When you live in a planet where time runs the slowest, you're kinda immortal in other planets. Just like what happened with the Blandorans and even Hect and Thyss. Remember when Gyra was destroyed by Drak, Hect and Thyss we're brought to the planet Fyrh, similar with planet Blandor. Jhynne, must have been transported to another planet and might not have survived for long than Hect and Thyss.", David added."And how did Hect and Rouald met each other? At planet Fyrh. Rouald was able to transfer to distant planets by teleportation, still with their advanced technology.", Geyser said.
"And how about Rouald and the way he spoke with Theo? The limited two-word replies that he made?", Gene asked.
"Have you forgotten already? Blandorans were once speaking with two words only before the advancement of their technology.", Geyser said.
"Oh! I missed that one. In which part was that mentioned?", Gene added.
Then the bell rang for the morning classes to start. Students were on their proper seats. It's the first day of school so it's expected that no one's absent, but unfortunately there were two seats unoccupied.The professor for the Science subject entered the classroom. He's on his graded glasses, apple green long sleeves, and black pants, carrying a file case.David closed his Science Fiction book then wrote on a piece of paper and passed it to Gene and Geyser.
I hope this class is fun. Or else, I'll just read Science Fiction books while he's discussing lessons. Pass this to Geyser too.
Gene read David's note and wrote a rely on it and passed to Geyser.
I hope this class is fun. Or else, I'll just read Science Fiction books while he's discussing lessons. Pass this to Geyser too.You bet.
And Geyser read the note which David and Gene have written with.As Geyser was about to write something on the paper, the professor called his and everyone's attention.
"Good morning class! In this room, we'll be discussing all topics that cover Science.", the professor said.
David started yawning. Gene faced down the table writing in cursive on the back of his newly bought notebook. Geyser hitting his left temple with the eraser at the end tip of his pencil. While the rest of the class was paying attention to the professor.
"But bear with me if I'll be a bit bias about some topics. About space, planets, the universe, and a lot about black holes."
And Gene brought his face towards the professor and looked at David and Geyser. They were throwing stares at each other.
"And by the way, I'm Professor Theodore Reemer."

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