Warped In A Black Hole

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Less Than A Day

I woke up with my Mom lying on my left shoulder with her arms around my chest. Jeanne in between, with her head on my left lap. Tyler on my right sleeping tightly, leaning on my right shoulder. I didn't wake them up.

I turned my sight towards the nearest window. It's darker outside. I rushed seeking the clock. It's yet 6:20 am. This is not getting better. But worse. Then I felt a bit hungry. We just skipped dinner. I can't believe we slept almost a quarter of a day.

"Mom. Care to open up your eyes? We're going to die from hunger, and not because of this Drak."

Mom slightly moved, with her eyes half open.

"Are we in heaven my dear?", Mom spoke with a broken voice.

"I can't believe you Mom. But not yet Mom. We need to eat first."

We left the television on with the same glitches on the screen. Picked out my phone from my right pocket, slowly, so Tyler won't get disturbed from sleeping. And seeing that the signal bars seemed lost like forever, I can't even call Grey.

Mom stood up, slowly lifted Jeanne and laid her on the next couch. And I slowly moved away from Tyler, assisting his head with my left hand and bit by bit laid him down.

"I'll just prepare something out from the fridge my dear. Then you can wake Tyler and Jeanne.", Mom said.

"Ok Mom. Just call me whenever you need assistance."

"No thanks my dear. I'm not that old. I think this'll be my last chance to cook your favorite food.", Mom said while her last words sounded blurry.

"If it wasn't because of this Drak, we won't be able to have a taste of your specialty again, like ever huh."

Mom just turned around and walked towards the kitchen. And I headed the opposite. Turned the television off and continued walking towards the door. I took a peek outside, opening the door slightly. It's totally dark outside. The streetlights must have been busted earlier due to their non stop flickering. Glad ours didn't bust but might not work anymore. I opened the door enough that I can get outside. The feeling's different. Felt a bit lighter. The gravity must have been lessen. This is not good.

Then I saw someone running outside, with a flashlight swinging from all directions. What a brave human being.


Did I just hear my name?


Someone just called my name. Running.

The light from the flashlight pointed at my face hurting my eyes.

"Why didn't you yelled back? I thought my voice was loud enough for you to hear me!", a girl's voice yelled loudly.

"Whoa! I can definitely hear you."

"That sounds better.", the girl said, catching her breath.

"And look who's here. Grey!"

I was totally surprised. Then she hugged me tightly.

"I can't believe this is happening.", Grey spoke, started sobbing.

"C'mon Grey. Get inside. Calm down first."

"O... Ok", Grey said.

We walked directly towards the third couch on the left, sat down quietly so my siblings won't get disturbed. Grey sat beside me and leaned on my left shoulder. I tried calming Grey by embracing her with my left arm and tapping her back gently. Seemed working.

"Right before the news went out, leaving black and white glitches, the black hole has taken Mars out from the universe. You know what that means, right?", Grey worried.

I don't know what to say to her. I don't want her to get worried more. If I tell her that we only have 2 days left before Drak will completely vacuum Earth, it might freak her out.

"Oh dear Grey, you're here. Your timing is just perfect. I just prepared breakfast for everyone.", Mom said.

Grey took a quick stare at me. She might be wondering why Mom looks not afraid at all. She then smiled at Mom and wiped her little tears.

"Can we turn the television on for the last time?", Grey requested.

"But the signal was already out. The phone's even without a signal bar. But wait...", I said while looking at my phone near the television set. The screen lit up, a sign that a signal must have been caught.

"Turn the television on, now!", I said.

As Grey turned on the television, a man's voice can be heard clearly.

"...Drak. For less than two days, probably the moon will get swallowed. We know what will happen next. All we can do now is to pray the hardest... Let's pray... that we'd be saved from this."

First time to ever see a news anchor shed tears on screen. I felt him. But I can't forgive how he mentioned that we only have less than 2 days, adding terror to my family. I turned around and looked at Mom. I can feel her sadness this time. The saddest look and aura from her. She just kept her stare on the television screen, not moving a bit. Then tears shimmered, falling from her eyes.

Then I turned to Grey. And to Tyler and Jeanne. They looked frightened. How am I going to calm them, now that they know that our lives will last in less than 2 days.

And just as the news anchor was about to speak again, the television went out again. The signal must have been distorted again. Then I turned it off. I paused near the television set, looked down and stared at my phone. No signal bars. But there's a new message. To my curiosity, I opened it up.

The moon has just been devoured by Drak. The Earth is next. And we only have less than a day.

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