Warped In A Black Hole

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Betrayed By Gravity

After reading those words, my mind went blank. For about nearly 2 minutes, I just took a stare and kept on re-reading the words told with the message. I still can't accept the fact that this is going to happen. I'm getting a headache.
"Theo. Theo. Are you alright?", Grey called. "Hey! Theo! You're freaking me out!""Oh!", I uttered.
"I'm sorry Grey. It just swallowed me up."
"What's about it Theo? What's about it this time?", Mom asked.
I handed my phone to Mom and Grey moved in to share a sight of the message that I've just read.I noticed a change from their faces. They look more frightened this time.
"Don't drop my phone Mom. It might get broken."
Mom hugged Grey and started crying. She's crying like a child on Grey's shoulders. Jeanne and Tyler woke up and got up from the couches. I pity their innocence.
Suddenly, all of the lights flickered. I can hear the sound of the current running fast and slow. I can see my phone's screen going on and off. And I feel a little lighter this time. Felt like I'm about to float in air. These must be the signs.
My stomach got numb, I'm not hungry anymore.
"What's going on Theo?", Mom panicked.
Jeanne freaked out. "Ah! Mom!"
She's running towards Mom. Tyler just sat back on the couch, observing what's happening around.
"Tyler, good boy. I'm coming for you.", Grey said.
And Grey walked towards Tyler, passed Mom and bumped on my left shoulder until she got to Tyler.
A loud sound banged coming from the sky. It penetrated the house and rang our ears so loud that we barely hear each others' heartbeat.
I signaled Grey to come towards me bringing Tyler. I did the same with Mom. I tried to reach for their hands but it was too late.
Gravity just betrayed me.
Gravity just betrayed us.
We floated in air separating me from them. A lot of things kept on coming in my mind. Running around each corners like chaos. My body froze. I am not sure what to do at the moment.
But one thing's for sure.
This must be Drak.

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