Warped In A Black Hole

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Warped by Drak

Darkness was around me. I can no longer see Mom. Neither Grey, Jeanne and Tyler. But I haven't read about getting blind but instead shred to thin stripes when vacuumed by a black hole. It's what some of the books say.

"Mom!", I screamed aloud. But I can't even hear my own voice. The loud sound from the sky hasn't ended yet. As I was about to blink, light flashed from the sky. The place lit up showing the current scene around me. Houses we're ripped from the ground, couches floating upside down, beds, tables, random things you can see that exists are everywhere.

Then I looked down below and saw them. They were all embracing each other. My Mom, my younger siblings Jeanne and Tyler, and Grey. And I'm not with them, feeling the warmth of their embrace. Then I got teary eyed. I can't believe I'm being sad of the fact that I'm away with my family. When all I did before was to escape from the house like a rebel. What a shame. I just realized everything right at this imperfect moment.

Then the light went out. My eyes felt the pain of seeing nothing again but only darkness. Then suddenly, my heart panicked. Where are they? I have to look for them. I have to get to them.

Then I started shoving my hands from random things that's floating with me. I didn't mind the pain of getting my hands blunted. I just kept my hands wandering. Touching things to another things. Then a light lit up again but fast as lightning that it only took milliseconds. My blinking wasn't in sync and missed the chance to see what's around me this time.

And I felt the lightest now. My skin's burning hot. It felt like a pinch, but the whole body. I don't want to think about getting stretched. I don't want to think about dying. I don't want to think about what's going on right now. I don't ...

Silence once snatched the moment. I took the chance to scream for them.

"Mom! Jeanne! Tyler! Grey! Where are you?"

No echo. No reply. Not after a second.


I heard that call. But it sounded kind of distorted.

"Where are..."

And sound, time and space had not escaped from Drak.

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