Warped In A Black Hole

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Blue Eyes

"Theo! Don't turn your back while I'm still talking to you. If only your Dad's still alive..."
"Mom! Daddy's dead! He's never coming back."
I walked passed Mom and rushed towards the front door.
"You don't have to be like this Theo. you were never like this."
As I was about to open the door, lights flickered. I wandered my eyes around and heard the current flowing slow and then fast.
Suddenly, I felt like floating. I saw Mom floating. Our pieces of furniture started floating. Then the lights went out.
I heard Mom screaming my name.
Then I woke up. Catching my breath. It was just a dream. A nightmare perhaps.
I put my right hand on my pounding heart and dug it in. I was breathing in and out heavily that I can hear my own breathing.
I was facing down and haven't seen the view around me. This must be heaven, yet. But the ground's still brown with touches of freshly grown grass. I failed to calm down my fast heartbeat. It pounded faster this time.
Then I slowly raised my face towards my front. I saw some toes with sandals on. With boots. Looking neat and newly cleaned pants and dresses. Their skin's white. Very white. With their blue eyes. Staring right in front of me.
While I sat on an awkward position, I stood up abruptly and pinned a look at them. My eyes jumped from the person from the left, to the right, to the center and then back. They don't have wings nor floating halo's above their heads. Definitely, they are not angels. They look like humans, similar with albinos due to their complexion. But not a single emotion was being expressed on their faces. Their stares were blank. But they keep on moving their heads from side to side, nodding, like they're talking to the one beside them.
They are obviously communicating, but not with words.
Through telepathy.
I don't know what they are thinking nor mind-talking to each other. Should I speak up or not? Maybe not. I don't think they're going to answer me. Should I move near to any one of them, to see what they're going to do to me? Maybe not. I don't know what they're having on their pockets. There may be weapons like knives, or guns, or light sabers. Wait. Did I just think of light sabers? Like what aliens use. No. This can't be. Are these blue-eyed creatures in my front are aliens?
I need to think of a way to confirm what I'm guessing about.
But three of them looked like they're being impatient. They can't wait for me to think of a way to confirm what they really are.They were moving towards me. All of their eyes on me.
Then I looked at the sides. Then back to the three of them. They don't look scary because their expressions we're still blank but they are walking towards me. Enough to think that they must be going to do something bad, or a little chance of something good to me. There's just something about their blue eyes.
Thinking if I must run or to stay calm.
I must run.

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