Warped In A Black Hole

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The Mark

They continued walking towards me. They're freaking me out. I can swiftly run towards my right since nobody's blocking it. As they were about to arrive just five steps from me, I ran to my right as fast as I could. I can't take their stares anymore.
I just kept on running and running. I didn't look back to see if their still chasing me. But there was not a sound of thumping or stomping on the ground before me. Then I decided to turn my head at the back and see none of 'em anymore. I am confused right now. My action must have been a mistake. I shouldn't have ran like a coward. But I was just being sure. I don't know them. Much more when my guess is that they are aliens.
I bent my waist facing my feet with my hands on my knees. That run exhausted me. It was the fastest run of my life. But it left me breathing heavily.
Then I heard footsteps walking towards me. So I moved my face towards the front. A man. Still with white skin and blue eyes. And a long white beard. I then thought of running away again but he seemed harmless. He's too old to grapple me. So I just stood up, facing him while he was still walking towards my direction.
Soon as he arrived 2 steps from me, he suddenly reached for my left arm and held it. Then I suddenly screamed because of pain. It came from the back of my right shoulder. The first time I felt pain from it. Then he released my arm, and felt pain no more.
"What did you do to me? What was that all about?", words rolled out from my tongue. "What..."
"A test.", the old man replied.
Wow. He just spoke to me. But I didn't see his lips move. The I realized, it must be telepathy.
"Whoa! You just spoke to me with your telepathic ability. How did you do that? Huh?"
"You can.", the old man spoke again.
"I can... what? Mind-talk to me old man. What was the pain I felt about?"
"The mark.", the old man replied with only two words again.
"None is making sense. I can't understand what you are saying old man."
"Follow me.", the old man commanded.
Then he turned his back and walked.
"Wait! Where are we going? You haven't answered any of my questions."
But before I was about to say more complaining words, my body started moving itself. I am walking without my own command. That old man's a hard one. He's doing his little telekinesis.
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