Warped In A Black Hole

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The old man is heading to an endless dirt road. Still clueless where we'll be heading. Then something happened. He raised his right arm and started pointing dots in the air. But the surface he's been touching was responsive, like what the water surface does when a drop falls. Then a slit cut through and a screeching sound was coming from it.

I can't believe my eyes. What I thought an endless road was a secret door to a huge metal room.

"The Dome.", the old man mind-talked.

"I can see a dome yes. But is a really huge one! What is this dome for?"

"Your likes.", the old man replied again.

"My likes? What do you mean by that?"

As we were about to enter the dome, a scene caught my attention. There was someone sitting alone on that far chair. As I stepped in the dome, the old man turned back towards the entrance.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

"You stay.", the old man said.

"I stay! You know old man, quit your 2 word limit. Explain things further!"

And as I was about to chase him, a force field stopped me from getting out of the dome.

"Wait. What is this. Hey old man! Why can't I go outside?"

The old man stopped walking for awhile and took a glimpse of me. Then continued walking away while the secret door's closing.

"Hey! You can't leave me here. Old man!"

I called for that old man but he just ignored me. Until the door was put into a full close.

"This is hopeless. I don't know what's really going on here.", I whispered.

I slapped both of my hands on my face in multiple times. Then sat down facing the entrance door that just closed. Suddenly,


Someone's calling my name.

"Theo! Is that really you?"

As I moved towards my back to see who just called my name, I saw a familiar face.

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