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The hospital ward was empty save for the small ginger woman at the end, the sunlight streaming through the window and a small baby babbling in the plastic unit next to her. Richard came through the door with a large bar of chocolate and flowers, a small teddy in his back pocket for the baby. Moria perked up and shifted her frail hands so she could look Richard in the eye. He smiled at her lovingly, and briefly touched her hand before going over to the baby, picking her up for the first time. Melanie, the small child, was delicate, a small tuft of ginger hair standing up in wisps on the crown of her head. Her eyes, only just open, showed two small brown eyes. Her hands swung round erratically until Richard picked one up with his finger, the small tendrils of her hands wrapping around it. The sun shined on as the nurse came round with the New Food, a service that had been a godsend since Martin had come into power. It already seemed like a better place in the world, as they gained weight and subsequent health, and looked outside the window to a thriving new city, where anything was possible.

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