The Sponsors

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Chapter 5

Once Charlie left the office,he picked up the phone, the rules of the Company ordering him to tell the Company elective if anyone ever came to him about a deferral. Martin picked up the phone on the fourth ring, with his deep voice booming down the voice, without any apparent effort at all.

‘Martin ____ speaking.’

‘Hi, Martin, it’s Natalie from the sponsor office…I’ve just had a man walk in and enquire about terminating his sponsorship program.’

‘Okay, that’s okay,’ replied Martin, obviously distracted by something happening on the other side. ‘What camp is he in? I’ll write up the paperwork in ten.’

’Camp 14,’he said, sparking Martin’s interest. ‘Did he…did he mention his brother?’

‘That’s the thing, sir, he mentioned how a leader had become a camp member, and he mentioned how he was going to try and get him out of the contract.’

’Chris? Is it Chris? Do you know?’he finally had his full attention.

‘I’m not sure, sir, but either way it means your brother is due for termination before his time.’

‘Okay, Natalie, thank you for telling me. I’ll get the paperwork for you.’ The sigh of stress rang through his voice, and he put the phone down, pursing his lips together before picking up the phone again, ringing the reception.

‘Please bring him coffee. Or anything caffeinated.’ he shuffled all of Charlie’s papers together and shoved them to the bottom of the pile, trying to forget the conversation he had just had.

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