Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 10

Chancellor Lycon looked down at the bodies;

“Terrible… just terrible…” He muttered.

A Stanannoki doctor; Panel, made adjustments upon his wrist computer, lost in his work.

“If we had been just a few moments faster” Lycon continued; “I never believed they could have escaped from that Thing, there’s so much we still need to learn from them.”

Sarab and Callib lay upon floating metal tables. Both had tubes in their mouths with various wires and patches along their bodies. Their bodies were unclothed; cured of the effects from being unprotected in space.

“There is still a chance we will learn something” Panel commented; “The brain damage will not be too severe. Callib has always been awkward on his feet; he will never be a great dancer but should recover his full cranium use and motor functions with ease.”

“And Sarab?” He asked; “Will she still be the same commander she was before; losing even an ounce of her ability and leadership could be damaging to the cause in these troubling times.”

“I anticipate a full recovery for her as well,” The Doctor assured him; “She has been trained well… The only fear I have is what will happen when she learns the truth of what happened…”

“What truth?!” Lycon roared; turning on Panel. “She doesn’t need to learn anything; she simply has to understand what our new reality IS! No good can come of her getting all worked up about nothing we can control. If it was anyone else she would have understood the importance of the decision I made; her feelings will obstruct her correct judgement of the situation.”

Lycon looked down at Sarab lovingly;

“If I had known she was alive maybe I would have done things differently… but just think of the potential we have with the three of them now working together! They are the greatest hope for our people and the survival of the Coalition.”

Panel followed his gaze;

“Not questioning you sir, and with Callib’s mind back working for us we have a better chance of figuring out how to defeat the Abnormality.”

“One of the brightest minds we have ever had and a young, determined commander who has met the enemy; both returned to us.” Lycon said; “Report back to me when they have been revived and keep me updated. They will need time to recover but that message she sent out will no doubt attract the Abnormality’s attention and speed its discovery of this planet.”

Panel shuddered at the thought as he went on with his work.

“The following life we all have ahead of us will be the most trying time for our people…” Lycon said over Sarab’s body. “I see no outcome from this where we go back to our former glory; but with you here to help, our species will survive and rebuild…”

He touched her face…

“You shall make an excellent mate.”

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