Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 16

Dantos stood with Sarab as they looked down at Lycon’s body.

“I thought the cannon was set to stun,” Dantos said, throwing the weapon away. “I didn’t mean to kill him.”

Sarab shook her head;

“It doesn’t matter now; I was going to kill him if I had the chance.”

“There’s no way to revive him from this…” Dantos said softly.

Sarab nodded.

They couldn’t repair his body or bring him to a form of life that would benefit them at this point. They would need the technology on Cryostar to grow the necessary body parts and tissue for him and the cells needed to repair his brain, but his memories would be gone forever.

Sarab sighed and wiped a tear she thought would be by her eye away; but it was dry now and she realized the only remorse she felt was for the loss of the knowledge locked within Lycon’s mind.

“He was a disgusting Stanannokian,” Sarab said; “But losing him will have consequences that will be difficult to deal with.” She turned to Dantos; “You knew he kidnapped the females, do you have any idea where they are?”

Dantos shook his head no;

“He kept it a tightly guarded secret, none of us knew more than just the barest details. Three ships caring 60 females total; two pilots per ship and three guards to each twenty females. I assume all three ships were sent to different parts of the galaxy assuring that at least some of them would survive for Lycon to find and begin the re-population of our species.”

“I’m sure Lycon slowed down the warning system for all planets and bases within the Coalition to ensure their destruction and his survival.” Sarab said; “He was cold and calculating in a way I’ve never seen before, but I don’t think he was as intelligent as he believed himself to be.”

“How so?” Dantos asked.

“We need to meet with Callib and Panel, see where their loyalties lie. We all have to work together to stop Rogue, none of this matters if it consumes us all. But… I believe there are only a few places Lycon would send ships that valuable and I have an idea of where at least one could be.”

Sarab turned and marched back towards their ship, followed closely by Dantos. Hope was beginning to return to her… if there was even the slightest chance Rossiana was alive she would grab ahold of it and never let go.

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