Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 17

As they approached the ship, Dantos grabbed Sarab’s arm and held her fast.

“I want you to understand I had no part in Lycon’s plan,” He said honestly; “He kept these things hidden from us and didn’t let anyone know what his true intentions were.”

“I know,” Sarab said with a sad smile; “He kept a great many things hidden from me over the 8,000 years I have known him. I just hope we can undo the damage he has done and start life again the right way.”

Dantos nodded;

“Where do you think the female ships are?” He asked; “I know we have to defeat Rogue first but finding them should be our next top priority.”

“I think Lycon gave something away to me when he was speaking on one of the locations.” Sarab answered; “The asteroid base he was speaking about was not known to many people outside the deepest Coalition politicians, I doubt even many Royal Family members knew of it. I only know a little bit about it myself; along with several hundred Earthlings that are stationed there, there are also species from around the galaxy. It is well hidden and staffed with a few elite Stanannokian warriors.”

“I believe this is one of the locations, it’s nearby and Lycon could keep an eye on them. As soon as we deal with Rogue we should investigate this base and see what we can find out there.”

“I came out of unconsciousness as Lycon was saying something about the Earthlings home planet,” Dantos said; “That if Rogue knows about it he could power himself forever on them.”

Sarab nodded;

“From my brief interaction with Rogue; it appeared to absorb everything that is or ever was within a being. It knew personal information about our people. It may not know about Earth yet as few of our kind know all that planet has on it. But, if it would have absorbed Lycon or either of us it would become aware of Earth. We CANNOT allow this, at whatever cost we mustn’t allow Rogue to learn the location of this planet or it could doom us all.”

Dantos nodded;

“We must trust this weapon Callib has developed will be enough.”

They entered the ship and were immediately accosted by the two guards who had worked the past day to keep Dantos and Sarab apart.

“You are violating Chancellor Lycon’s orders?” The bigger of the two; “Samis,” spoke. He was almost nine feet tall and heavily muscled. His counterpart; “Cartos” was nearly as tall and large; they were two of the finest warriors the Stanannoki had to offer.

At the same moment Panel and Callib entered their room from a separate entrance and stood transfixed at the situation before them.

“Sarab?” Callib asked.

“Where is the Chancellor?” Panel asked looking around.

“I suppose this is as good a time as any,” Sarab said, looking around. “I don’t know how much you are all aware of Lycon’s actions since leaving Cryostar, but he is dead.”

The reaction from all for Stanannoki was immediate shock.

“What?!” Panel gasped.

“This is most unfortunate…” Callib exclaimed.

“How did he die?” Cartos demanded.

“I shot him,” Dantos said before Sarab could respond.

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